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The Mind Difference

knowledge right mind truth Sep 16, 2021
The Mind Difference

For those that are familiar with my work, you will be aware that there are two minds; the wrong mind of judgment and attack and the right mind of peace and love. You need The Treasure Map - and the process of FAITH - to locate the right mind that is buried deep within the subconscious, but it is this mind that offers the happy dream in time.

It is the wrong mind of ego-identification that offers the misery you have made. The right mind is filled with peace, positivity and purpose, and offers a different understanding of the events of form. And I have the perfect example for you.

Last night I was watching a television program of a group of contesting competing to win a cash prize from an obstacle course. And I will utilize this to explain more.

As participants completed this course, one man in particular wanted desperately to win. He put himself at the top of the pack and when no one was looking, he cut some corners. Instead of completing 30 repetitions of a task, he did 15, enabling him to move ahead faster and to ensure that he won. Upon completion, he was told that there had been a hidden camera. He was accused of cheating, he denied this. He said he messed up his counting. Others on the course also did not complete the 30 reps, but they were somewhere near 28 or 29 and so this was overlooked.

It became clear, everyone accused him of being a cheat. His reputation was called into question. Yet, sitting in my right mind that is peaceful and kind, I could hear the inner voice, 'He wanted to win and so he did what he needed to do.' Do you see the difference between the right mind and the wrong?

The wrong projects blame, the right does not. As it knows innocence is true not the guilt of sin.

It is the belief in sin (the idea of separation) that makes the darkness in time. Stop judging and blaming another, and instead withdraw the shadow you cast outward and place outside of yourself. And you will truly heal and be welcomed into the happy dream in time.

Truly forgive to find the right mind that will give you a better interpretation of the events of form, as you let go of belief and head into knowledge. This is so important, as what you blame another for is part of the guilt you have hidden within. The darkness you see, even in another, belongs to you. And it is this that makes you miserable.

Remember, there are two thought systems. When you make the wrong mind of ego thinking your home you witness to sin, guilt, and fear. When you learn to change your mind by following the miracle of The Treasure Map you know the thought system of love, peace and innocence for All. One offers the nightmare, whilst the latter grants the happiness you seek.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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