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The Journaling

journal miracles truforgiveness Jun 07, 2024
The Journaling

The journaling of The Treasure Map is a little different to traditionally journaling. You see, you are to be concerned about what you are to apply the 'I Forgive' principle to, not the quality of your writing. For you seek not to be vigilant to write neatly or correctly. For your true function is to mentally tap on each layer in the subconscious with the 'I Forgive' principle. And above is how my own journaling of The Treasure Map looks.

The writing is ineligible. This ensures no one sees what you are truly forgiving. For what you are cleaning within is none of anyone else's business. For it is part of the shadows of separation you are forgiving to become free from.

Remember, this Truforgiveness that has been granted by God does not make the story real. There is no saint and no sinner, for time is not true. The story must be undone to allow you to return your thinking to the right mind of truth, trust and totality.

Granted, my own handwriting is not often in a good state. For what I seek to write comes fast and furious, that often my own hand cannot keep up with the guidance. Would I enjoy beautiful handwriting? Well, I would not say no to it, if it was to be. But I do not get caught up in it either. If my handwriting was to become an issue for me one day, I would begin to truly forgive it with FAITH and then follow the guidance of the right mind. Perhaps to write slow and steady or to relearn the art of cursive writing.

I am sharing this wisdom with you now as I have seen some people completing their treasure maps. Slowly and successfully they write. Letter by letter is perfect. They are thinking from the wrong mind about how to write. This then takes them out of the lower gut, and the cleaning of layers you are to apply the 'I Forgive' principle to in the subconscious.

In fact, this demonstration of my own writing came from this morning. You see, I am currently holding a Truforgiveness Circle on Healing Friendships, and this is what my writing refers to. Yesterday I was cleaning up selfish friends. Today it was disrespectful people, which you could not possibly see from what I have written.

The writing does not matter. The concern is that you are truly forgiving the darkness in the subconscious that conceals the right mind of revelation, where God is.

In fact, when I completely undo the shadows of separation - for say selfish friends and disrespectful people - I will recall the times that I have been selfish and disrespectful. And if I continue to clean within I will uncover the misperception that I have sinned against God. Taken what He has given to play god myself in time.

The shadows of separation must be withdrawn and placed upon the altar to God within. Symbolizing you will have no idols of separation before Him. It is this that allows you to return to the right mind that knows being is true, not body. 

You start to forgive within what you see in another. You will then discover what you need to be forgiven for, until you forgive yourself for leaving God. This is what Truforgiveness is. When you forgive at the cause and not merely the effects of form.

You can either complete your treasure maps as a journaling method or an inward meditation. The journaling method is powerful and purposeful, whilst the inward meditation is soothing and satisfying. I often alternate between the two methods, depending upon what I need and where I am. For example, I currently do not have a laundry as it is being renovated. So, when I spent an hour this morning at the laundromat washing and drying, I took my pen and paper and got forgiving within.

Seek not to be perfect in form, but rather to be perfect at truly forgiving the shadows to be saved from the idea that sin is true, not sameness. 

Enjoy your day.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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