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The Impossible

awakening death healing Aug 23, 2023
The Impossible

It's a rainy cold atmosphere here in Sydney. I started the day painting my mom's home for her, with the sun shining. Truly forgiving the walls and all they have been through with the elements in time. For this is how you truly heal, you truly forgive the darkness of guilt until grace has been made welcome. 

As the rain came down I was back indoors, working on cleaning up The Treasure Map. I decided to give the study a miss and instead curl up with my computer in front of the heater and television. I found The Impossible to stream. A movie depicting the horror of the 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand on Boxing Day.

Please note, if you know someone that passed during the tsunami and do not want to read what they went through, then please do not continue. I have kept this hidden for almost 20 years now out of respect. But feel it is time to share.

I was meant to be there. For the year prior and those following, I had spect Christmas in this area. We had plans to once again be by this sublime sea, but fate intervened. A friend needed a house sitter, as she was going away, to look after her dog. I telephoned my partner who lived overseas. Of course, he would love to come to Bondi for the festive period.

The morning of the tsunami I was in bed. For the next 24 hours my body was shaking. I could hear those passing over. The fear they found before the final release was made. They were so confused. Person after person seemed to be marching in terror. Not that one walks when they cross over, it is simply the only way that I can express what was going on. One step. Two step. Three step. They all seemed to move. Following each other in shock which was the story of suffering that was spinning. The shock was magnified by the numbers. The confusion and coldness. The loss of connection. They were with others, but not the ones they knew. Separation was being shown.

What I know is this. You do not leave this world of form without your consent. It does not come from the conscious mind - the ego - but it is a spiritual decision. From the mind that dreams that death in duality is true. 

Our truth is being not body. And there is a set curriculum ahead of us. For example, the days before 9/11 in 2001 I saw both fireballs explode in my mind's eye. I grew terrified of what I had seen. I did not know where or when. And so, as it played out on the television screen when I was in Greece, I knew that this was what I had been shown the week prior.

No matter what you are asked to confront, truly forgive it. For example, if I found myself moving through the tsunami I would be truly forgiving it all. For The Treasure Map is how you truly pray to undo the guilt within that seeks sickness and suffering in time.

Guilt refers to the misperception we are sinful of separating from Source.

Death is not the end. For we continue to change bodies based upon the lessons we need to learn. In fact, someone that I have lost through death told me that prior to my own death in time, we will meet again. For they are coming back in another body, at another time.

We will all meet again. For Oneness is true, not separateness.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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