The Firey Future


We need to put out the fire in our mind to put out the burning blaze that is destroying the land down under. Australia is under attack, it might not be terrorism, but it is terrifying.

As I sit down to write this post, Australia is burning. And not in a good way, as the fury of the hidden guilt burns away the past, covering the dreams of those in her blaze of anger with a thick smog of sadness and remorse.

Everywhere we look, there is another story of suffering that we encounter. I mean, it is always this way, as the illusion of form paints the picture of punishment from the belief we are sinful of separating from Source. This is why this world is not all good and will never be, as it is the realm of duality where shadows cover the truth of light. 

What is within is seen without. You cannot clean the mess up in the world of form, without truly healing the thoughts that have made the mess you face.

It is true, even the issues with climate change that we face stem from some aspect of the belief in separation from Source. So, whilst people do what they can to save their homes and house the injured, or recover the four-legged creatures that deserve better care from humans, there is a way to become truly helpful to all and that is by undoing the hidden guilt within the subconscious mind that seeks for ways for us to suffer. 

Do not merely attend to the effects, that are the fires and even climate change, learn how to undo the shadows of sin that make the dream destructive, instead of delightful. 

When you learn how to remove the guilt within the subconscious mind, miracles happen. I have witnessed these first-hand myself. The real miracle is the return to love, which means you move from problem to peace. 

Whether you have donated prayers, time or money to assist those that are suffering through unimaginable tragedy, I ask you now to step up and learn how to undo the true cause of every seeming suffering we all face: the decision for separation over the truth of Oneness. 

As all minds are joined, you have the power to undo this hidden guilt that is making our dream in duality dark with these fires that are ravishing Australia right now. 

Will you help? Will you offer your True Prayer upon the altar to God undoing the belief in separation, which is the true cause of the problems we face in time?

You must learn how to undo the cause to change the effects of form. Do not underestimate the power of Truforgiveness and the gift that is The Treasure Map. There is no need to stick with suffering when salvation has been granted. 

You must learn to 'forgive within', which is an interlocking chain of FAITH that will remove the veil of guilt that covers the sleeping Son's Mind. When you dissolve the sin of separation, miracles happen. As you clean within, it is reflected without, for "what is within is seen without."

Will you help me? Truth be told, I need you. Will you stand up and learn how to undo the cause that has the true power to alter the events of form that we were set to encounter, even these issues with climate change that we are now facing?

Begin to withdraw the entire shadow of the sin of separation to truly be helpful to God. There is a function for us all to help. Some are called to race into the burning blaze with a firehose, others are asked to donate money to fund those that feed and house the injured, and still, others are asked by God, to dig within to heal the cause, which has the power to put out the burning fire in the sleeping Son's Mind, that he is guilty of the sin of separation. 

Until we find the truth of innocence for all, we will be facing these fires that burn through consciousness.

It is time to give up our self-imposed punishment to return thinking to peace and love, where the happy dream awaits. Place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, with the gift of The Treasure Map and become truly helpful to Him and to assist awakening.

For those of you that are on my email list, I will send you your free treasure map giftbook now, it is called The Fire Treasure Map. It consists of 30-questions to ensure you dig within the subconscious mind to remove the guilt that seeks for suffering. This is how you can become truly helpful to God and those currently caught up in the firey future. Whilst I always send my Truforgiveness for all the shadows that I witness to in time, I send my heartfelt condolences to all that are suffering through this trauma that has shaken the land down under. We may be down under, but we are not out! 

We need you to assist the suffering. Please help in whatever way you can. 

If you would like to make a financial donation, then I ask you to please support WIRES who take care of the animals that have been badly burned and injured in this tragedy. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to their Facebook page where you can donate via PayPal. 

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx




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