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The Cause Within

revelation true healing truth Nov 09, 2023

What you experience is what you choose to move through. The greater the love you uncover the kinder the dream in time.

Lately I have been doing a lot of inner work around healing relationships with men. And whilst I teach the cause of the concern is always within even I was surprised by this revelation from spirit last night.

As I slept soundly I dreamt of men from my past. Two men that I met when I was a teenager. I loved both of them. One romantically and the other like a brother that I adored. The latter passed when I was in my early twenties by suicide. In fact, it was he that highlighted my connection to the unseen world. When I was first being introduced to my spiritual gifts I would often see him dancing in my bedroom in front of me at night. I am not sure why this did not frightened me. Things did further down the track, but that is another story.

The first man that I speak of now was filled with darkness. Every time we connected I would walk away injured. It was a connection that even I have found difficult to break. If you ask me about my first love, it is this man that comes to mind. Even though I had been with my first boyfriend for a few years prior. Not that I did not love this teenage connection. It was just different. It was more like the love you have for a best friend.

This damaged man swept me off my feet. He loved bombed me and then closed the door. This pattern followed numerous times over the decades. A quick enter and then bang. He was gone. He later told me that he could not pretend to be something that he was not. Which was why he would always walk away. He knew I would not want that man. Yet, I did not see darkness within him. I found it quite confusing. Until I did not anymore.

Well, I dreamt of this man again last night. He was back in my life. I was telling him that I could not stay with him as he was not good, and that even though I loved him, I needed to be with The Treasure Map. I could see the would in him that manifested as damage. His darkness would trap those that were drawn near. I did not want to get caught again. I hoped that I would not.

And then I heard God speak to me. He told me that I had decided to experience danger in this lifetime. 'Danger.' That was my word I now needed to clean up to become free from. This was the cause of the suffering I moved through with men. I wanted to be in danger, and that I was.

Can you see the shift of this thinking. The ego points blame and says 'You did this to me. You hurt me." But the right mind takes back power, knowing the choice came from within.

The ego-mind does not know what anything is for. So do not judge. For it is the lesson not the definition. I often say, you might be the prisoner in this lifetime and the president in the next. Lessons not definitions.

Now, because I am hopeful to give up danger for delight it is this word that I must now truly forgive to become unchained from. However, if this was not to be, and I found my way back into the arms of a dangerous man, I would know that this is what I am being asked to clean up from within. For we each must confront a set amount of darkness and scrub it clean. Truth be told, it was from the darkness I encountered that I became saved. Saved from the misperception that separation from Source is true. Yes, the man that the wrong mind of ego thinking likes to name and shame has been one of my greatest teachers in time. A teacher that came in a cloak of cruelty, that pushed me down, allowing me to find the right mind of revelation. Does this mean that this man is bad? Not by the right mind. For without this brother showing me where I had hidden my own hate and secret sin, I would not have been able to find my way into the light.

Can you see this change of thinking? I am taking back my power by knowing it was my own choice to walk in the darkness and not the light.

You see, had I been Perfect Love, at the times of my encounter with this man, I could not have been hurt nor harmed. For darkness cannot reside where love has been made welcome.

Stone by stone. You clean up within until only the light of Perfect Love remain. 

Enjoy your day and truly forgive the people you come across. This way you will truly heal and make miracles your own.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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