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Summer '97

freedom miracles trust Nov 12, 2023
Summer '97

It was approaching the summer of 1997 and I was living and working in London. When I arrived in the stone cold city as a fresh faced child (early twenties) I struggled along the way. I felt as though there was a wall that kept me out. It was a difficult time for me. And I promised myself that if I ever returned to London I was going to do it in style and class. Unlike the road I travelled in my youth.

I worked two jobs to pay the bills. One in business and the other at a club called Ministry of Sound. I had better clothes and loftier goals. I struggled with self-love and an eating disorder. I simply do not recognize that girl from the woman I am now. Yet, in the middle of my darkness I found a song that called to me. It was called Free by Ultra Naté. I would put this song on repeat and dance in my bedroom. One night I had had enough. I was going to leave London and go travelling to Europe for the summer. It was what was written within.

I had my mom purchase a Euro Pass for me. First stop was Greece - Mykonos - before I weaved my way through more gorgeous places. Now, I had never seen am image of the islands in Greece, however, years earlier I was with my dad and an accountant. The money man was saying how he had just returned from his summer travels in Europe. He had been to Mykonos. Now, I was always psychic, and whilst I had not heard of Mykonos prior, as soon as he mentioned this place I replied, "I am going there. That is where I am going." This shocked me. For at this stage there was no London calling nor European travels.

Now, years later, here I was in Mykonos. As I stood on the ferry on my own, and caught a glimpse of the picture-perfect postcard I was mesmerized. I never did leave Mykonos. I ended up falling in love and spending the summer there. I did not have another summer like that first in Mykonos when love held me tight. For a few months later my spiritual lessons were ready to begin. A friend committed suicide and he began to visit me, in my bedroom, late at night.

Whilst I thought I knew what it meant to be Free - leaving a job and going travelling - true freedom belongs to release from the ego-mind of sin, guilt, and fear. I have now found the true freedom that I was searching for, all those decades ago. And whilst Mykonos was magical for me, The Treasure Map is miraculous. I learned to fall in love with myself, and with God. For God and the Self of Perfect Love is the same not different. This is how you become truly free. You learn to escape the wrong mind to find the right mind. And The Treasure Map makes it so.

Do you have a song that changed the course of your life? A moment in time that altered the direction you were to take? I smile listening to this track. It is a good memory at a time when I was struggling to keep myself alive. Do not give up on yourself. I wish I could show you how broken I once was and how complete I am now. There is a way through the dark and into the light. Let me show you the way that God taught me. It is called true healing and is how you change your mind from the wrong to the right.

What you want to do is to listen to the inner voice. Your true voice that belongs to the rock of Perfect Love.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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