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"Stay Calm"

calmness message spirit Feb 23, 2023
Stay Calm

It has been over six (6) months now since my dad passed. I sometimes hear him share a message with me, and I also receive my angels kisses and hugs, but there are still some days when I miss his touch, his eyes, his smile. Knowing that if I was to fall he would do his best to catch me.

Yesterday though, I broke. As I was nursing his black greyhound and on my way to the vets I found myself screaming at him. I was so mad that he had left. My ego-mind was in torment. Whilst the right mind simply witnesses, I had to withdraw this shadow with Truforgiveness to return to the right mind that knows we are the same, not separate. 

And so I screamed and yelled at him. I was in no mood to make peace. 

In the early hours of this morning, as I slept with a heart monitor on (just doing some tests!) I was deep in my slumber. I had a dream that seemed so real, I knew that he was close.

In this beautiful gift I received, I heard someone at the front door. I got up to investigate. I could see my dad. He was wounded. He could hardly stand. He had no energy to even come inside. I ran to him, opened the door, and as I went to grab him, he bear hugged me and pushed me back into the house, and together we fell onto a lounge. 

I left him there and went running through the house. "Mum, mum," I screamed, the way I used to when he was having a hypo. "Come quick. Dad is here." Mum went running to him and I went in search of lemonade. When he was in the body he suffered through the shadow of diabetes. So, in the dream I assumed his lack of vigor was related to low blood sugar levels.

When I returned, dad was felling well. He and mum had a chat. I handed him the lemonade. He turned to me and said, "What is this for?" It was at that time I too questioned why I had raced to get him a drink. He then smiled and said, "Stay calm."

I woke with such love inside my heart. He had heard me during the day and acknowledged my pleas. When I screamed and yelled at him in the car. He let me know this in the dream, when he turned up wounded. My words of darkness were not welcome. He wanted me to know that I needed to stay calm.

I know how lucky I am to share such a strong connection with the unseen world. Actually, when my uncle passed over I heard him speak as well. He asked someone in spirit that was with him who I was as my light was so bright. Then I heard his guide reply, "She is God's Daughter."

My dad never did understand when he was in form my connection to the unseen world. I look forward to the day when I can teach you all that God has taught me.

Much love, peace, and 'staying calm',
Tash xxx


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