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Spirit Dwelling

memories spirit teaching Aug 30, 2023
Spirit Dwelling

I want to share my spiritual journey with you. Before the decades in between erode my memory. For when I was first learning how to nurture my gifts, it was in the 1990s. I was in a relationship with a man that was not too happy about this psychic phenomenon. I remember one day I said to him, "Okay, think of any letter of the alphabet and I will see if I can see it." He agreed. I looked into his eyes. "A," I replied. He nearly fell over, as did I. I was correct. He then said he did not think he could be in a relationship with someone that knew what he was doing and even what he was thinking. This would be hard.

We somehow muddled through and continued this relationship. I discovered he was cheating via this gift during an evening dream, watching it unfold as I was stood in his room. Something that happened to me a lot back then, as I astral travelled through time. I found out that he lied about taking a lady to Santorini via a computer. In fact, he had deleted images of it. Cleared the entire laptop before giving it to me as a gift. A few weeks later I was deep in meditation when I heard my spiritual guide say, "You need to know the truth." I was not sure what he meant. However, upon finishing this deep dive within I went to the computer and turned it on. It seemed to malfunction, but only for a few seconds. Suddenly, these images appeared before me. I did not seek to find them. They were of my partner with another woman (we had been broken up at this stage). Only I had asked him if he had taken her to Santorini, and he told me he did not. The images spoke otherwise. I could see them in this island of love. I was gutted. This gift was going to destroy me.

I have had so many times when I wished that I was not a medium and did not know, but that was when I was broken. I would not exchange this now. I am beyond blessed. So, so lucky. But I did have to go through the dark to find the light. However, the journey to wholeness and holiness (the right mind) was not easy. Had I not of had Jesus guiding me, then I do not think I would have made it. You see, Jesus is in charge of the journey from the wrong mind to the right. To guide us back to God. To the truth of Oneness that awaits those that build their home upon the rock of Perfect Love. I made this crossing back to God, to the right mind, which is what allows me to constantly communicate with Him.

Now, getting back to this post. I was in bed one evening with my boyfriend beside me. I was in my mid twenties. He was asleep, laying on his back. I was turned inward toward him. He was a young handsome European man. With chiseled features and dark skin. I felt something stir and gently opened my eyes. To my astonishment there was a lady in spirit half out of his body. She too seemed to be European, but much much older. She was sitting upright. Her legs within his body, but her torso stretching above to the ceiling. Her hair was in a bun and messy. I did not move. I was frozen with what I was seeing. Suddenly, her head swung - ever so slowly - in my direction. I could not breathe. Was I losing my mind?

We finally caught each others gaze. Her expression was now spooked. She offered her own shock. And with that, as fast as what she could she went back into his body. 

Of course I woke him up. I told him that he was an elderly lady. He did not believe me. I was not sure I even believed myself.

This world and everything in it is so much more than what the limited thinking of the ego-mind could know.

I smile now with this memory. I have come so far. I was terrified back then. Gratefully my fear has been forgot and love been made welcome. If you are lucky enough to walk the spiritual path home, do not take it so seriously. I cannot tell you how afraid I once was. And now I smile with how blessed I have become.

Enjoy your day. And remember, just because your eyes do not see something does not mean it does not exist.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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