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Selfish to Selfless

giftbook knowledge right mind Oct 29, 2023
Selfish to Selfless

I was just walking, going for a peaceful outing on a bright Sunday morning. As I was nearing the end of this walk I had two dogs off leash come running toward me. Normally, this would be fine for I love pooches. This time, however, I was walking with a dog that has been attacked. As such, if a dog comes running towards her she is frightened and has the potential to start a commotion.

I almost ran across the road into oncoming traffic. Just to escape. It is not the first time that this has happened, and I do wish my reaction was not as severe. Something I do need to forgive to become free from. 

As the dogs went running past on the pavement, I was free to step off the road and back onto tranquility. A shadow of separation had been seen. "Put your dogs on the leash," I yelled to them as this young couple walked past. They ignored me. "So selfish," I heard myself say. The lady then turned around and asked me if I had a problem. Yes I did. I went into an ego rant about how I had a dog that had been attacked and she was terrified of dogs being off leash. Why was she so selfish and would only think of herself and not others? In fact, the law is that dogs are not free to roam the streets, only specified parks. I was now cranky.

They continued to walk and so did I. Now, most people think that because I am a spiritual teacher I would not have ego outbursts. Granted, they are much less frequent than what they once were. And this is where I made a huge mistake in my twenties, as I was opening up my spiritual gifts. I simply kept hidden the hate inside and the secret sin. I behaved like a good girl. This ensured I did not wake, for it continued to place dark layers within that kept hidden the right mind of revelation.

To be a Truforgiveness Healer is not to be perfect in form, but rather, perfect with your Truforgiveness.

As I then paced up a small incline I could feel the cause of this outburst of mine. It had nothing to do with dogs charging toward us. I was tired of selfish people. I was being run down by them. And so, it was this that God was asking me to clean up from within.

You see, only a few minutes before, I had been in true prayer with God. I had been asking to have inspiration. My true prayer was 'I forgive the need to have energy and motivation to do what God wills for me to do today.' And then, not long after, this commotion happened.

I was given my answer. God was telling to me truly forgive selfish people. To move from selfish to selfless. And so, I decided to spend the morning moving through The Selfish to Selfless Treasure Map Giftbook. 

Now, I am not defending or excusing my actions, however, you cannot deny the ego projections. We all have egos to undo that are here in form. Our true function is to dissolve the darkness when it is seen to reclaim the light. As soon as I could, I withdrew the darkness I had projected without. The selfishness inside me that I saw in another. And as I heal my mind, and clean up selfishness, I will stop seeing this without. This is how the true healing happens. 

Perfection belongs to spirit not to form. 

You forgive within and see what the gift of grace is that you remember. 

If you would like to dive into this treasure map giftbook, then head to the link below to find out more.

The Selfish to Selfless Treasure Map Giftbook

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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