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You must learn to locate the right mind concealed deep within the subconscious to truly heal and make miracles your own. For this mind of peace and love is free from the guilt of sin that seeks sickness and suffering in time.

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Miracles & Magic

a course in miracles healing miracles Apr 13, 2022
Miracles & Magic

For those students of A Course in Miracles, you will know that Jesus speaks of both miracles and magic. So, what exactly is the difference between the two? And what is best for you?

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. It is when you change your mind from the wrong mind of judgment and attack, which offers pain and punishment, to locate the right mind of peace and love that witnesses the happy dream in time. To do this you must follow the FAITH of God, which is how you truly forgive, for the right mind has been concealed deep within the darkness of the subconscious. Why is this so important? There is only thought and the more dark thinking you hide within the more pained and punished you will be in time. As what is within extends or projects outwards.

Magic is something the ego has made to alleviate a punishment or problem you might have. Such as reaching for pain medication to stop a headache. However, this does not mean you do not access magic. Of course, you would! Please be normal about everything. If you have a child and they are sick, yet you believe in the power of prayer, this does not mean you do not offer them the diabetic medication for you believe God will save them. The cause is within, and we must each look at the hidden guilt of the misperception of separation in some way. 

I would suggest you utilize every tool you have at your disposal to truly heal. But you must listen to the inner voice to guide the way and truly forgive it all, to undo the guilt within, which is what seeks the ways of suffering. In the case of the diabetic child, you pray for guidance, with your true prayers, to undo the guilt within that seeks punishment. You then listen to the inner voice to locate the right doctors and nutritionists. You then continue to truly pray with The Treasure Map, to take your thinking to peace, so that the diagnosis of Diabetes 1 is not a painful problem for you anymore. You give your child the prescribed medication to stabilize the pancreas until the time comes when a complete solution has been found on the level of form, which your prayers of Truforgiveness will assist in finding.

You must learn how to mix miracles & magic as you move from the nightmare into the happy dream

Many years ago now, when I was around the age of 40 I discovered that I could not have children. At the time, I was taken into surgery for fear of ovarian cancer. My guidance told me not to do it, that I did not have anything wrong. However, I did not trust myself enough. And so, I went ahead with the surgery. When I came out, I was told that it was all clear. Well, that was good news. But why did I not listen?

Trust had not been solidified within me as yet. I was not whole in the right mind where trust can be found. I was still oscillating between the wrong mind and the right. And so, I simply truly forgave this as well.

You must use every means you have to truly heal. The reason for this post is that I often see spiritual people ignore the rules the ego has put in place. These rules do not apply to those that have completely transcended the ego, but for those that are still bound to ego-consciousness, you must work with what the ego has made. This means that if you are sick you seek a doctor. If you are in pain you find a solution. If you are in trouble you look for help. You do not ignore the world of form for you believe it not to be true. But you also truly forgive it all and be normal about everything

Do not deny the world of form and say it does not matter, for it does matter to the ego-mind. And if you are still experiencing separating thoughts moving through your brain, then you are still aligned to ego thinking. This must be undone, and that is why miracles have been offered by God. To assist you to move out of the wrong mind to find the right mind that leads to One-mindedness, awakening.

The ego has made magic. God has granted miracles. Utilize both until you wake to the truth of your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. You forgive within and follow the guidance of specialists, as long as the inner voice agrees, and no matter what, you will be in the best of care.

Miracles & magic can go a long way! Until the time comes when you no longer need magic for you have overcome the belief in separation from Source. Then everything you do will be miraculous, for you will access the power of Perfect Love.

Much, love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx


Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.