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The Miracle Map

men the treasure map workbook Sep 12, 2023
The Miracle Map

Last month I ran an online group moving through Healing Relationships with Men. A short ten day workbook, where you journal your own treasure maps for 30 minutes daily. Well, I wanted to explain the miracle of The Treasure Map to you.

Yes, I took part in this challenge. And a month after it completed my thinking had begun to be corrected. However, I had to go through the darkness to reclaim the light.

I was walking this morning and I thought back to a time in my late teens. A man had asked me out. He was sweet and kind. Also good looking. Smart, funny, intelligent. The type of young man a parent would want their daughter to date. He arrived to the property in a luxurious vehicle. He took me to a beautiful restaurant and paid the bill. His functionality was not something that I was used to. I asked him to drop me off at a local bar, where I knew my friends were and I said goodbye. He was surprised. He asked to come in. I told him that he was not invited. It was a "girls night" only.

My rudeness sends shivers up my spin. Why did I behave in such a manner? For I was so lacking in self-love that I could not accept his goodness. My mistake. Hopefully he had enough self-love to see what was going on. I was in no way able to accept grace, for I was filled with guilt.

The years have woven along. I have had a chance to heal, to truly forgive my choices. And as I walked earlier today, I had the thought 'I forgive myself for being attracted to abusive men.' The cause was within me. It was not without.

People often ask me why I am not married. I tell them that I just never met the right man that could get me over the line. I was aware of my attraction to mean men. And there it was today. As I walked. I felt something break free and the call within came. I wanted to know good and great men. Men that were kind and not cruel. Men whom I could love and adore and those that loved and respected me. 

It was not an easy path to arrive here. As I said, I have done much true healing. I also completed the course last month. However, yesterday I exploded about a man. A man that I accused of taking advantage of me. Abusing my own kindness. The ego had a temper tantrum. I let it go that which I was holding within. And this morning, I am now free. I have truly forgiven and it no longer matters. 

Truly.... I was angry at men yesterday. This is the miracle of the map granted by God. You must look upon the darkness, truly forgive it to become free from it. I am not today; angry that is. In fact, quite the opposite. I have peace with men. Nothing has happened. For I have cleaned out the guilt in the subconscious mind that keeps the truth and trust of the right mind hidden. I still do not think I want to get married, for I am hoping and praying that God can be my partner in time 🙏

'I forgive myself for being attracted to dark and damaged men. I forgive the need to be open to good and great men. I forgive myself for seeing the kindness in men. I forgive the need to be kind to men.'

To those men that I have hurt along the way to reclaiming the truth of wholeness and holiness within, I hope you can forgive me. I truly am sorry that I projected my pain your way, which is what stopped me from seeing the amazing men that you are.

If you are a man and have experienced rejection from a woman. Do not take it personally. Instead, look within to see if perhaps that woman was simply not ready for your light. For she was covered in darkness, thus seeking 'bad men' in her quest to hurt and harm herself. Surely then, this rejection can be truly forgiven?

If you are not seeing incredible men and enjoying all they have to offer, then you too must clean out the darkness that stops you from seeing their light. If you would like to work through The Healing Relationships with Men Workbook then head to the link below.

Healing Relationships with Men Workbook

You can change your life. You must learn to change your mind from the wrong to the right, which is what The Treasure Map does.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

The Miracle of the Map

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