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Keeping Your Word

divine guidance trust truth Jul 13, 2023
Keping Your Word

Your true word belongs to God. Do not seek to make true the words of the ego-mind, disrespecting the word within. For this silent stillness reveals your truth, not the words that spill from your mouth.

Many years ago now I had a handshake deal with a publisher. He was offering me a contract with his publishing house. I had one stipulation. This work came from God and I could not allow an editor that is great with skill but new to this spiritual-psychology, that is The Treasure Map, to change what was written. He agreed that it would not. 

As fate would have it, I assumed the editing staff were not happy about this arrangement. They could not publish my work if I would not allow corrections. Of course, a few words here or there would be fine, but I did not want to hand in a manuscript and get something completely different back.

He cancelled the deal and told me that I should go it alone. Fine. I trusted. I recalled him telling me how important it was to keep your word, which he now did not do. I did not remind him of this as it was not a rule I believed in.

For true word belongs to the God, to the right mind, where peace, positivity, protection and perfection can be found.

This would not be the first time something like this happened to me. A few years prior I signed with a literary agent in America. Once the ink was on the paper my feelings began to change. This was not the right path for me to follow. I said I wanted to cancel the contract. He told me that I was getting people offside before I even stepped into the arena. I needed him, he believed. Maybe I did. But I was unwilling to go against God. 

You see, after I signed the contract my inner voice began to scream. This was not right for me, right now. I needed to get out of it. Of course, I truly forgave those unpleasant feelings as they arose and did all I could to get back to what the word within was telling me. 'You are not ready.'

As I walked this morning I was thinking about this rule the ego has set. How it is so important to keep your words of form. Do you even know what your word is? For your true word belongs to the right mind, the inner voice, those gut feels.

Have you ever said that you would do something and then changed your mind? What did you do? Did you decide to keep your word and betray your inner being just to please another? I did this for a very long time. I have spent much of my life ill. Why? Because I was being a 'good girl' the way the ego likes it. Being peaceful and positive. Saying nothing. Not standing up. Doing for others at the expense of myself. Psychic reading. Spiritual healing. Never charging. Depleted of energy. 

"You must first fill yourself up with the love of God, then what you have an excess of is what you share with others. For it is up to each seeming separate self to save themselves, not another to die to save the world."

And so today, with such thinking on my mind, the builder turns up. He quoted a few months back. He arrived with the wrong size panels. He was not happy. I was not happy. It was a standoff. I was not a pushover. He was not backing down. If I wanted to now move ahead a new quote would be written. I could have pointed the finger. But you quoted. It was agreed. And now you change your mind. You see, the thing is this. His inner voice was now not happy with the quote. There was no use saying, but you gave your word. For true word belongs to God, not to the ego. Do not seek to make the ego true. 

I wanted both of us to be happy. I was unwilling to pay more for a new quote. I told him he did not need to do the job if he did not want to. He was unwilling to make good on the quote he had given. This needed to be readjusted. My energy was not light and loving. For we were in a tumble. Trying to find a happy medium. 

I eventually agreed that he would move ahead with smaller panels (less work) at the same quote he gave a few months back. There is no use pointing blame and saying you have not made good on what you promised, for otherwise, I would be asking a brother to work against what was written within. I could have easily of said do not do the work. But I valued his craftsmanship too much to do this. 

Do not believe the word of the ego is your god. If you say something and then your energy contracts, this is your right mind telling you that what you have said is not correct. Do not go against your inner voice. Things will all work out if you trust the mind within, the one that has been concealed inside the lower gut. For this mind works for the goodness of us All, in the name of Oneness not separateness.

Forget the ego word and remember the word of God. It is often revealed to you when you say or do something and then you get a feeling within. Tune into this trust of the light of Perfect Love and you will find your way through this maze of mayhem, the idea in separation has made.

In fact, not long ago I purchased a new seat of pyjamas. I showed them to someone that loved them. They were still sealed and I found myself saying, "You can have them." They were so happy. As they walked away I could hear my inner voice, the right mind. It revealed they were for me. Years ago I would have ignored this advice, but now I know otherwise. I said, "I am sorry. I have made a mistake. I need the pjs back, as they are meant for me not you." This in particular was a hard lesson. But it is about finding your voice. Your true voice. And having the courage and confidence to say what it says.  

Remember, your true word is to God, so trust this divine guidance from within.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash x

P.S After I made this post the builder in question did not make good on what he promised. It became a huge Truforgiveness opportunity for me. Allowing me to discover my own hidden hate I was still projecting upon men.


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