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Healing Friendships

miracles miraculous manifesting truforgiveness circle May 30, 2024
Healing Friendships

As June approaches and I get ready to open a Truforgiveness Circle around Healing Friendships, I have been completing these treasure maps myself. As I often do. And I wanted to share with you what you could expect.

The Treasure Map corrects your perception from fear to love, but this means you must look at the dark thought-forms concealed within that cover the right mind of peace, love and innocence for All. You see, the more grievances you have hidden within the darker you shall be in time. For what you blame and shame forms a veil across the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness.

To heal your friendships is to remove the shadows of suffering that conceal the truth of our being the same, Perfect Love. If you can find right-minded friends, you will know the light and loving lessons with friends, and not the painful and punishing.

Well, from where I am right now. I am yet to move into the light and loving thoughts of friendship. For I am still cleaning out the past to release the future from suffering. This morning, as I moved upon my new PEMF infrared yoga mat (which I highly recommend you complete your treasure maps as you move through your postures) the past was revealed.

I recalled a friend that I got her a job with a great company that I once worked for. Her package came with a car, and a few months later I found myself back from overseas and once more making the far commute to this multinational. I remember calling her up, and asking her to pick me up on her way to work. As I did not have a car at the time. She actually had to drive past my street on her way there. She declined. Telling me that she did not want to be tied down to me. I was happy to work around her. She still said no.

I remembered friends that would only call me when they had a problem, seeking spiritual guidance or healing. Or those that continued to project their problems upon me (something the wrong mind loves to do). In fact, even as my dad was dying I received a text. "I know you have a lot going on right now, but I really do need some advice about what I should do with my partner...." And not even messaging me on my birthday, once.

I then uncovered my own ill treatment. Long ago, just prior to getting sick I convinced a friend to move out of her apartment and in with me. It only lasted 6 or so weeks, when I suddenly crashed with acute post traumatic stress disorder. This had been building over some months, but when I left her alone in a two bedroom flat to move back in with my parents, I can see how she would see me as a bad friend. I simply could not see this when I was suffering in sickness.

You see, you know not all. I once went to a small birthday party with a friend. She told me she was taking her friend out for lunch to a takeaway seafood shop. I told her she couldn't possibly take here there, that she needed to go to the nice restaurant above. I purchased a voucher and paid for the seafood platter and wine. When the day arrived, I gave the voucher to my friend to pay. She needed to simply pay for my salad (as I am a vegetarian) and soft drink. Out the front of the restaurant the other lady queried my lack of payment. She questioned why I was not  contributing. A look of disgust moved across her face. I had already promised my friend not to mention the payment. Little did she know that I had covered the majority of the bill.

And so, it is all this I am being asked to truly forgive to free right now. To be honest, by the time I complete my treasure maps I am seeking to find right-minded friends. For friends are what you deem them to be. If you extend the light of the right mind then you will meet with friends that are kind and not cruel. If you project darkness then you will have friends that hurt and harm.

You must learn to purify what you think from false perception to true, and as you change your mind from the wrong to the right the picture in time corrects as well. As what is within is seen without.

If I hope to find the true friends of God that seek to support and share The Treasure Map with the world, then I need to clean this up from within. To have it without. If I wish to walk with those that seek to truly heal to change their mind from the wrong to the right, then I need to remove the barriers that keep me stuck in separation from such people.

You have the power within to change your story in time, and The Treasure Map makes it so.

Soon I will be sharing a link for this month of Healing Friendships. If you wish to join, then keep an eye out for this Truforgiveness Circle.

And to those friends that seek to make the right mind their Home, I look forward to sharing true friendship with you. In the name of completion, not competition.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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