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Greek Pea Stew Recipe

recipe May 21, 2020
Greek Pea Stew

Since the mid-1990s I have been vegetarian, so when I find a recipe that I love, it sticks. Especially as I have always been a fan of peas. They were a much-loved staple in my childhood home, so much so, that at one stage, a delicacy would be to have a pea sandwich! I have since outgrown this but when I came upon this rich recipe (Greek Pea Stew) when I was living in Greece, well, I just never forgot it. 

I spent a proportion of my young adult life in Greece. I would love to say that I was young and care-free, but, whilst I was young, I was struggling with so much internal pain that it was a hard to get through my days. I no longer know this person, for I have begun to undo ego-identification and return my thinking to the right mind of peace and love that offers the truth of wholeness, where there can be no lack. That is right, every problem you have stems from your choice to be the separate self of the ego-mind, instead of the being of Perfect Love that dreams they are something they are not. 

Teachers have told us that the ego-mind with its judgment and attack thoughts are not who we are. But until the ego begins to be undone, it is hard for us to know this. We believe we are the thoughts we think!

You are not the dark thoughts that stem from the belief that separation from Source is possible. Your truth is Perfect Love, but to know this, you must begin to truly forgive every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within. This is what The Treasure Map does.

My first stop on my sojourn through Greece (after I flew into Athens) was Mykonos, in 1997, where I met a local boy and fell in love. It was one of those moments that really does alter the course of your life. But, it was destined to be, just as it was fated that we separated, for if I had of stayed Greece bound, I would never have moved through my spiritual awakening and become the Guide for God that I am today.

Again, what seems like a burden can become your greatest blessing, just as it was for me. I would never have thought that the day would come that I would be grateful that the man I loved met someone else. Yet, here I am. So happy to be free, for freedom was what I dreamed about as a little girl. 

Whilst I struggled emotionally when I was in Greece, and missed out on so many delicious recipes due to my eating disorder, as I said, there was one that I did fall in love with. It could be called a pea stew, as it is that thick and hearty. It is rich, thanks to the olive oil & tomatoes, but if you are after a vegetarian dish to appeal, I highly recommend you try Arakas Latheros. The greeks serve it as a side dish with feta and crusty bread. I like it on its own. So, if you love peas, you will love this dish!

Greek Pea Stew

  • 450 grams peas (fresh or frozen - I used fresh)
  • 1 onion diced
  • 2 carrots sliced
  • 1 potato cut in bite-size pieces
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons chopped dill (I don't add this)
  • salt/pepper to flavor


1. Heat olive oil in a medium-sized pot.
2. Sauté onions until soft. Add carrots and potatoes and sauté 3-4 minutes more.
3. Add peas and heat and mix until all peas are covered in the olive oil.
4. Add the tomato, dill, pepper, and a half teaspoon salt. Add enough hot water so that the peas are covered just a bit (about ¼ cup). I add veggie stock flakes instead of the dill here.
5. Mix well and bring to a boil. Then lower heat and simmer for 30 minutes, until peas are soft and water is gone-they should only be left with the olive oil.
6. Serve at room temperature with feta and bread. Add salt as needed. 

* Recipe provided by Olive Tomato.
I hope you love it, just as much as I do! 
Finally, for those of you that are struggling, there is a way out of pain and into pleasure. You must learn how to forgive within which simply removes the barriers to the love that is hidden within you right now! I honestly cannot explain to you the transformation that I have gone through. To no longer feel the void or emptiness within, it is incredible. And even with the COVID-19 lockdown, when people are struggling through lack of connection, I haven't been touched, for I have found the truth of the wholeness of holiness that is Perfect Love, where lack cannot be known. 
I would love the opportunity to lead you out of fear and into love, which is what true healing via The Treasure Map delivers! There is no need to stick with suffering when salvation has been granted!
Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.