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You are responsible for cleaning up the darkness within that you see without. So dissolve the fear to find love and as you purify what you think within the world without will correct before your sight.

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Great Men Do Exist

miracles miraculous manifesting true healing Jun 08, 2022
Great Men

I haven't had the best past with men. However, recently I was thinking about this. I wondered what it would be like to meet a man that treated his partner like a queen? Instead of pulling her to pieces he lifted her up. Did such men exist? For it was not what I had found in time. 

Do not get me wrong. I had met good men, but growing up, I was simply not attracted to them. Why? Because I did not love myself, so was unwilling to be loved in good and kind ways. Now, things have changed. I adore myself, for I have found the truth of wholeness within, thanks to the gift of The Treasure Map.

And so, as I started to clean up my thinking around men, by truly forgiving my past relationships. This morning, I pondered if great men exist? Men that are loving and loyal and treat the lady in their life as though they are incredible. To lift them up, instead of tearing them down. Tonight I got my wish. My prayers were answered.

I had a tradesman come and install a new cooktop. He was late. Arrived after hours. But when the white timber door opened I was met with a warm smile and open personality. Soon we were talking. We had so much in common. Our paths had crossed before, we had worked at the same company as kids. He asked me about my relationship status. I told him I was happily free. 

This was then when the magic happened. He was divorced around 4-years ago and not quite a year ago he met another woman. His face lit up with absolute joy. He sung her praises and told me what an incredible lady she was. Men like this were out there. I had just not met them. I was sad and happy at the same time. But they were real. For the next 30-minutes he spoke of this great love he holds for this mature woman in his life. How it took him so many decades to find her. As I looked at images of her on his phone, he told me how beautiful she is and that he feels grateful to have her by his side.

My heart opened wide. Good and great men were real. I had just not found them...yet!

I thanked him for allowing me to feel how much love he has for this precious partner. And I smiled within that there are amazing men alive. Whilst I hope to remain single in this lifetime, I am open to meeting amazing men, that seek to uplift women and not tear them down. Now that I love myself more, hopefully this light within will start to attract those men that are secure enough to built those around them up. Knowing that by lifting people, you do not fall, but you are lifted as well.

You see, the cause is always within. I did not love and respect myself decades ago to meet great men, for you must know how great you are to see greatness without. I now know how great I am, and today I got to see a man of greatness. He was not defined by wealth, but chose to extend love outward to illuminate the lives of those his being can touch.

I felt his love.... his love for another women, and it assisted to melt my heart.

You do not know how far or wide the love you extend outward will reach. Do not seek to tear another down in order to make yourself taller, for you reap what you sow. Do not get me wrong, this is not limited to men. I have had my fair share of unsupportive women in my life as well, but when I began to love myself, I let them go. As you change what you think within the story without corrects as well. When I loved myself well, I found a well of love without.

Tick... great men do exist! I cannot wait to meet you. Now that my eyes are open by the miracle of The Treasure Map.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

PS To all the great men that I have come across but did not see your light because of my own veil of guilt, I am sorry for denying you because of my own shortcomings.


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