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Dreams Revealed

america dreams truth Sep 09, 2023
Los Angeles

All the answers that you seek are within... for they belong to the right mind to where The Treasure Map takes you.

You will not know the true meaning of your dreams until you look deep inside. Well, last night I had a dream and I would like to decipher it for you.

In the dream I was a psychic-medium. Not too far from the truth, however, I was reading for Angela Lansbury. Immediately I knew that this meant that one day I would live in this land (taken from Lands...bury) and Angela referred to Los Angeles. In the nightly vision I was telling Angela that her mother was going to sell her property and move somewhere else. I was also very forthcoming on how much her dad loved her. Twice I said this in the dream. "It is very important for you to know that your dad truly loves you." I also told her that the reason her life was so difficult was that she was a professor and completing normal earthly lessons would have been too simple. This was why her life was so hard, for she was studying complex lessons, as she was ready for such growth. Jennifer Aniston was moving about, in the background as well. 

When I woke up from the dream I knew that I was speaking to myself. My dad was conveying that he truly does love me, my mum was going to sell her house (even though I did not want her to) and that one day I would live in the land of angels... Los Angeles. Jennifer referred to my friends being in this place as well. Supporting me with this dream of The Treasure Map.

The right mind concealed deep within is always giving you guidance, but until you learn to locate this mind of goodness and grace, you will be stuck in the shadows of lack, loss, and lovelessness. Confused and chained to chaos. Seek within and all else shall follow, as you dissolve the guilt of sin with Truforgiveness.

Whilst I have long known that I was headed to America, it was not my dream as a little girl. Yes, I wanted to travel and to see the world with my work. Yet, in 1999, my grandfather who had passed 4 years earlier began to make visits to me. Honestly, I was terrified at the time to see his physical sight. He revealed that one day I would go to America with my work. I remember asking if my boyfriend at the time would be coming with me. He told me "no". 

Also, when I began to write the contents of The Treasure Map in 2015 I received divine guidance. I must write in US English for The Treasure Map would find her home in the US one day.

I guess we are drawing closer to America. And whilst I do not know how, why or when, I remember when I was growing up, an amazing man would often tell my parents, "The world will know about Natasha in her thirties." Well, the thirties are coming close. For the 2030s are nearing to be born.

I look forward to sharing The Treasure Map with you one day. She is so incredible, for she leads you to the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness. In fact, you are blessed if you are called to her. As God revealed in another dream a few nights ago, He will call those that are worthy of this map to miracles.

See you on the inside, where true healing & miracles are made.

If you want to learn to decipher your dreams you must learn to locate the right mind where knowledge, wisdom, truth and trust belong. Simply follow the FAITH of God (The Treasure Map) and you too will learn just as I did, via revelation and not ego interpretation.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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