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You must learn to locate the right mind concealed deep within the subconscious to truly heal and make miracles your own. For this mind of peace and love is free from the guilt of sin that seeks sickness and suffering in time.

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Completing Doreen Virtue

acim god truth Oct 13, 2021
An Angel of God

Doreen Virtue had some words to say about ACIM. What she left out was that if you continue to move through the darkness, truly forgiving it, you will find the light to free you from ego-identification.

There are so many that love and adore Doreen Virtue. She has been a new thought leader for a long time. And whilst this message is not meant to attack her in any way, I would like to clarify some things for you. 

A few years ago Doreen came out to publically expose A Course in Miracles as being something other than light. She studied this work for a very long time, as I have, although I did not understand the Course when reading it from the ego-mind. It was not until I began to 'forgive within', deep within the darkness of the subconscious mind, that I knew the truth of ACIM via revelation and not ego interpretation.

I had been a student of the Course for about 7-years when my ego-mind started to crumble. This simply means that I had dedicated time each day to truly forgiving my past. You can imagine, after all this inner work when I then developed acute post-traumatic stress disorder, I threw that book away.

Yes, in the first year of my sudden fall from grace into the shadow of death, I too thought the Course was something bad. However, I was still unclear about how to work the Course.

You see, Jesus tells us that to get to the light you must confront the darkness. As the light has been concealed behind the clouds. In this first year of my ego-mind disintegrating (it was torturous, to say the least, and came about through trauma) I was yet unaware that to get to the stillness of Perfect Love you must go through the dark. And this is where many have it incorrect. They start to go through the dark corridors of their minds and then the ego-mind tells them that this is the work of the devil. What you do not know is that if you keep on going (yes, the journey will be rough, it was incredibly difficult for me) that the ego-mind of separation will be no more and you will remember your right mind of peace and love that knows Oneness is true, not separateness.

Do not be content to let the ego lead you. I have walked the Course. I have even confronted the final obstacle to peace - the fear of God - that the Course mentions. You too will have to go through this. Whilst I had read about it in the tome, I had no idea that I would indeed face it. I have no words to describe this terror. At the time, I was not standing on the rock of Perfect Love, so I had no trust that I would be kept safe, which made the journey even more difficult. 

But if I can find my way through the darkness to reclaim the light, then you can too. Here, where I sit now, there are no longer any ego thoughts that run through my brain, for my awareness sits in the lower gut area, where the right mind that leads to One-mindedness can be found.

I love Doreen Virtue. We each have our own path to walk. And she is now going the way that she is meant to for her lessons in time. We each have our own lessons on differing dates. And whilst there is nothing to forgive with Doreen, for I know she is innocent, I wanted to clear this message up for other students of the Course, in case they too confront the darkness and think they are going the wrong way. Just keep on going and truly forgive it, as Jesus has told you... 'The light is behind the darkness!'

The Course is all about undoing ego-identification to move your awareness to the right mind that offers the happy dream in time. You must look upon the darkness, truly forgive it all, and miracles will be made, as the light is within, deep within. This is why you must learn to 'forgive within' with Truforgiveness, as she will move your thinking from dark to light.

I hope this starts to correct some perceptions. I reclaimed the innocent Mind because I kept going. Granted, I had God guide me through it all, but there was even a time when I doubted this. I too started to think that darkness held me tight. God was simply guiding me through the darkness to the light. The journey for me was beyond any words I know, but the gift of wholeness that waits for you on the other side of undoing the wrong mind to find the right mind offers a life of your dreams and not your nightmares.

And finally, another Course misconception is that this world is a dream. Yes, it is a dream from the split-mind, but when you are still identified as the separate self of ego-identification it is not a dream to this mind, it is its reality. 

Sending love as we forgive the mistakes to know we are All innocent and not guilty of separating from Source.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.