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Determining Divinity

jesus right mind true healing Mar 19, 2024
Determining Divinity

I often receive incredible spiritual guidance in my dream state. And last night was a beautiful gift.

In this dream I was holding a magnificent crystal ball. It emanated a pure golden light. So complete and whole it was majestical. I was showing people this light. Letting them know that this is what the right mind is like. The mind that is concealed within the subconscious that you might currently know as your gut feels or intuition. I was explaining that Jesus had reclaimed this right mind of wholeness and holiness. It is this mind of completion where the Son of God holds true. And why Jesus called himself this. For he successfully escaped the wrong mind of ego thinking to return to the right mind of revelation. Where the true & positive Thoughts You share with God can be found.  

In this dream I was explaining to people know that Jesus worked hard to return to the right mind. Of course, he had God guiding him, but he still needed to cross through the valley of the shadow of death (the subconscious mind). In order to discover this mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness. The mind that is still in constant communication with God.

I was speaking of the changes in story that society has made. To make Jesus special and thus this wholeness that he reclaimed unattainable to all else. You see, I have made the crossing through the valley of the shadow of death. I found it terrifying. Had I not of had God guiding my way, I would have turned back. I do not say this to frighten you, but to let you know of what you might move through when you decide to give up separateness for sameness. To return to this mind of pure light that knows not of the shadows of suffering seen in time.

And as I went to stir from this heavenly haze I heard Jesus speak to me. He told me that he would be with me with what I was born to do. That I would not be alone. I needed to remember this. Silently I asked, 'Who are you?' And he replied, "I am the same as you."

If you are ever concerned about your connection to spirit you must seek to know sameness. For sameness belongs to the light, not the dark. For sameness is whole, thus it must be holy.

Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Now, let me explain from the right mind of revelation what this means. The way that Jesus went was from the wrong mind (separation) to the right mind (sameness). He did not simply forgive the way that the ego teaches but removed the barriers to the presence of Perfect Love by forgiving within the contents in the subconscious mind. The truth that Jesus reveals belongs to this right mind of revelation. When you follow the truth of FAITH that God has granted you move through the darkness and into the light. The life Jesus speaks of is the return to awakening. For true life belongs to being not to body. The world of form is the dream of death in duality that you must wake from, not be defined by.

You must find the light of the right mind of revelation to know truth, by accessing the wholeness of holiness concealed within the subconscious mind. It is this mind of truth, trust and totality that Jesus made his own. And that you must follow.

Jesus did the inner work. I do believe that he was chosen by God to deliver the true meaning of His FAITH into the world, but at some stage the ego has omitted this. And turned Jesus into something unobtainable to all else. You too are the Son of God, but this refers to the right mind of revelation, when you have undone the gap between the wrong mind and the right. To know the light of purity and perfection that the truth of innocence for All bestows. 

Unfortunately, the ego has set up such a system to keep truth out of time. For example, to make the crossing through the darkness of the subconscious you will become a little "unhinged" as you swap one thought system for another. The ego them points the finger. Naming and shaming. You must continue to truly forgive all shadows, including self-doubt, criticism, scarcity, judgment, illness and fear, etc. You will find your escape. That is all that I did.

I would also like to confirm that Jesus is not in time. He now waits in the right mind to guide us Home, as he is in charge of the Atonement principle. However, as time moves ahead, more and more will remember the mind of Christ. The right mind of revelation, where God is. It is this that will illuminate the world, as we go backward (truly forgiving the past) to go forward (to release the future from suffering). It is this that will one day lead to waking from the dream that we sleep in.

Take care. Have a great day.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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