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Punishment or Protection

causeandeffect meditation mental illness Oct 28, 2023
Punishment or Protection

The ego-mind knows not of what anything is for. It seeks to judge and place a label on everything. But a label does not truly heal and nor does it transform. For true healing is granted from the right mind to where The Treasure Map takes you. Yes, I understand that a label can assist. It will direct one to the right specialist and the appropriate medication. However, this addresses the effect, it does not seek the underlying cause. This is where the fault with modern medicine sit.

Now let's take the issue of agoraphobia. When someone is afraid to leave their environment. It is considered a mental illness, but in fact, it is an effect of what is going on within. In this case, it might be for protection or for punishment.

You must look within, deep within, to unknot the darkness that keeps the safety and security of the light of Perfect Love hidden from your awareness. Someone that is trapped to an environment they feel stable in could be doing so for a myriad of reasons. As I said, the most likely is for either protection or punishment. This need to punish is not a conscious choice, but rather deeply subconscious. Of course, it stems from some aspect of the belief in separation from Source, where the idea of sin arose. It is this shadow of darkness (guilt) that is projected without and experienced as fear in form.

The darkness within must be truly forgiven. Unknotted with The Treasure Map. To reclaim the light of the right mind to extend this without. For the right mind grants the happy dream in time, not the cruel nightmare.

So, if you are moving through agoraphobia, look within and see whether you are trying to protect or punish yourself. Do not seek to clean up the effects - the need to stay inside. Instead work on cleaning up your need for protection or punishment. It is this you must truly forgive to truly heal. And as you correct the cause you will change the story in time. As what is within is seen without.

Whatever you are moving through is your lesson. It is not your definition. Remember, agoraphobia is the effect, it is not the cause. To correct the effect you must change the cause. So look within to gain and understanding of what the cause could be. Are you seeking protection or punishment? The inner voice will guide the way. And depending upon what you are seeking is what you must truly forgive to become free from.

I have a great meditation on my website for this. It is called The 3P's and seeks to address such issues.

Do not allow the ego to minister to itself any longer. You must find the cause, by following the FAITH of God, and withdraw the darkness within to uncover the light. This is how you truly heal and make miracles your own.

For true healing is the return to the right mind that is free from guilt, thus it does not seek to hurt or harm itself.

So, if you have agoraphobia you need to start to truly forgive your lack or protection or your need for punishment. And see where this thinking takes you. You have the power to save yourself. Do not quit. For this is what is being asked of you.

The Treasure Map is not a sprint, she is a marathon. So take things easy. Slowly, day by day, and you will find your way.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

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