The Treasure Map

The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITHĀ & the 'I Forgive' Principle is the name of the mind-correction from fear to love. It is how you 'forgive within' that leads from the ego belief in specialness to the truth of sameness (Perfect Love). It offers true healing & a happiness the ego couldn't offer.

Right-Minded Psychology

Officially, she is called The Truforgiveness Treasure MapĀ® or what she will be known by, The Treasure Map. I say she, as she has soft feminine energy, yet powerful beyond measure, for this is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit birthed into consciousness with God. She is here to undo ego-identification and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love.Ā 

This is your Right-Minded Psychology. For this spiritual-psychology takes you from the wrong mind to the right.

The Treasure Map includes three aspects to make the miracle mind-correction your own. Truforgiveness is the purpose, to forgive at the cause, not merely the effects of form. The process, how you do it, is called FAITH. It is a 5-step path that takesĀ you from separate to the same. Finally, there is the practice. It is called The 'I Forgive' principle and it is how you mentally dig through the dirtiness of the subconscious mind to reclaim your treasure. The remembrance of your being Perfect Love.

Let's look into The Purpose, Process and Practice now.

1. The Purpose of Truforgiveness

In every moment you have two choices, you can choose the wrong mind of judgment and attack or the right mind of peace and love. Depending upon what mind you make your home will determine whether you build upon the rock or the sand.

To build upon the sand refers to the littleness of ego thinking. Where you are at the mercy of the effects of form. To build upon the rock refers to the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness. The right mind is located in the lower gut of the body, which is why you need a treasure map to make the shift from the wrong mind to the right. From body-identification to being. Where sameness is true not separateness.

Truforgiveness is when you forgive at the cause ā€“ the choice to be separate ā€“ instead of the effects of form. To complete your Truforgiveness you follow the FAITH of God, which is how you change your mind from the wrong to the right.

2. TheĀ Process of FAITH

FAITH is how you move from the wrong mind to the right. It is how you shift your thinking from judgment and attack to peace and love. You are not vigilant for your mind from wandering into fear, allowing the belief in separation from Source to continue to project and cover your light of Perfect Love. By following Godā€™s true FAITH, you will learn via revelation and not ego interpretation. For the FAITH of God is so complete, truth, trust and totality are known.

FAITH takes you back to God. It is no idle theology, for it leads you to the One you have never left but dreamed that you have. If you follow this shift in perception, miracles will be made, for finally, you will be addressing the cause and not merely the effects of form.Ā 

FAITH is an acronym for Forgiveness - Authenticity - Introspection - Trust - Honesty. It is a constant mind-correction from fear to love. You become diligent for it.Ā FAITH is the foundation of The Treasure Map, and it is how you build your home upon the rock of wholeness, holiness and happiness.

3. TheĀ Practice of The 'I Forgive' PrincipleĀ 

To move from the belief in separation (the wrong mind of ego thinking) to the truth of sameness (the right mind of Perfect Love) that is hidden within you utilize the 'I Forgive' principle.Ā  It forms an interlocking chain to remove each shadow of sin that makes your dream dark instead of delightful. By following the process of FAITH, you mentally dig with 'I forgive...' and apply this to each layer of darkness you confront. In essence, you are wiping clean. And if followed from problem to peace you will find where the ego has hidden the belief in separation from Source. It is when you find and truly forgive here that the entire shadow of sin has been removed from your mind. This allows the door to the right mind of revelation to open for you, where God is.

This allows you to extend love outward and welcome in the happy dream that is perfectly peaceful and lusciously loving. No longer are you holding on for a good turn of events to be safe, secure and successful, for you have found it within. By finding it within, you then extend it without, and the picture painted by the true and positive Thoughts You share with God corrects what you see. Make no mistake, what you see without is based upon what you think within. This is true healing, the mind-correction from fear to love, pain to peace, and separation to sameness. This is how you awaken from the dream or nightmare. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time.

Remember this, "I forgive leads to I love."

"The Treasure Map consists of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle. When you become proficient in it, you will learn to do it as you go about your days and nights, even automatically in your sleep."
The Treasure MapĀ is Your Path to Peace &Ā the Happiness You Seek.Ā 

All that is asked is that you give up guilt to know God's grace, and miracles will be made. As long as you continue to correct your thinking from fear to love, by following the process of FAITH, digging with the 'I Forgive' principle to place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God (Perfect Love) within, you will swap suffering for salvation, problems for peace, and hate for healed. This is true healing, the mind-correction that leads from illusions to truth. The remembrance of your being everything not nothing.

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