God is... Oneness

The reality of Oneness is the truth of God. He is the creator of the spiritual, not the physical. He extends Himself in sameness, not specialness. When you experience the completion of Perfect Love you shall know God via revelation and not ego interpretation. To know God is to know the right mind of peace and love where there are no shadows of the sin of separation to distort His truth.

About God

I have a very personal relationship with God. I do not know Him from what others have told me, or what I have read in a book. I am in constant communication with Him. He is more real to me than this world itself, but I made it a priority to find Him and seek Him out.

I did have a few experiences of God and His Oneness of Perfect Love before my ego cracked open to reveal the truth of wholeness that sits within. It is this wholeness of holiness that connects us constantly to God, even as we dream that we are separate from Him. It is from this place within that I hear Him and He steers me to be one of His Truforgiveness guides.

One time when I was deep in the battle of acute PTSD, God came to reassure me of the path that I was following. Day and night I practically spent tossing & turning in my bed. What I could not see at the time, but can in hindsight, I was beginning to put the contents of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle together. What seemed like a waste of time would become my greatest gain. Exhausted after years of this mental torture, one evening in question I found myself with my head buried into my pillow and the inner voice beginning to sound. 'God, do you know who I am?' I repeated constantly. Over and over again I challenged Him. With tears streaming down my face, I dared Him to answer. Until I fell asleep. 

When I woke the next morning, I wondered who I was? My ego certainly did not know, even if something deep within did. Fast forward a few hours and I was walking my parents' dogs down the park. The only time I got out of the house for a short while. When suddenly, all the painted pictures that I believed were true, such as the trees, cars, roads, etc. seemed to fade into the background and behind what I thought was life, was God. In a blanket of Oneness, all around me, the truth of life vibrated, 'You are a spiritual teacher. You are a spiritual teacher. You are a spiritual teacher.'

God had saved me when I was 8 years of age, which I detail in The Subsidized Course, True Healing & The Treasure Map. He also saved me on this occasion as well. The reason that I share this with you now is that until you know the truth of Oneness, you cannot know God. He did not create the world of form, for this is the ego domain. Which was built upon the belief in the sin of separation - which is why there are the shadows of darkness cast upon it. To know God is to know Perfect Love and it is possible in the dream. You must learn to remove every barrier that stands in your way of the remembrance of wholeness. You can find Him and when you do, you will come to see that this world is nothing and God is still the everything. And so are you, for you are the Son of God.

On the path to unlearning fear to remember love, Perfect Love, the ego will try to get in your way. The final obstacle to the peace you seek, the ego will tell you how frightening God is and that you need to continue to run and hide from Him. If you want God as much as I did, you will continue to move through the fear. Please do so with Truforgiveness, for it will ease the amount of time you need to spend in suffering. You see, in order to reunite with God, you must backtrack through every dark thought-form you have made. As the darkness of the sin of separation is what conceals the truth of God from you. 

God is the way, the truth, and the life. But what does this even mean? You see, the key to finding God is to know that He is the wholeness of holiness. There is no separation from God, otherwise, He would not be holy. You can have an experience of God in the illusion of time, but you must learn to move your thinking from the wrong mind of judgment and attack (separating thoughts) to the right mind of peace and love (the sameness of Perfect Love, where God is)

1. The Way

In every moment, you have two choices, you either choose for God or the ego. I know, it seems that you have a myriad of things to choose from, be it cheese or chocolate cake, anger or appreciation, or to walk or run. But this is not what I am referring to.

There is only thought and the world of form that you believe is life, where you come to die, is the dream you must awaken from. In each moment, there are only two choices love or fear. It is a choice for Truforgiveness or for judgment. The way to God is to mentally dig within, by following the process of FAITH - that He has granted - which takes you from the belief in separation (the ego) to the truth of sameness (Perfect Love) that is buried within. It is here the doorway to God appears and He will teach you via revelation, which is not open to ego interpretation.

2. The Truth

Truth belongs to Oneness, not separateness. So, if you have something that can have an opposite it cannot be true. This holds true for the story of the separate self that you think is your own. It is not the truth, for it appears in the shadows of sin. What the ego deems to be truth is but the story of separation that it spins. Truth is of Perfect Love. If it is not Perfect Love, then it is not truth.

Do not buy what the ego is selling, for it covers the truth of God that is hidden deep within you. It is from the place of safety, security and stillness that you reach God, when you lay your idols of separation aside (the ego being the only idol there is) at the altar within. It is from here that God will reveal Himself. A blanket of beauty, so whole and complete, that fear cannot enter.

3. The Life

True life is with God, in the Oneness of Perfect Love, which is where you are in truth. Yet part of the innocent Mind has separated (split-mind) and fallen asleep, now dreaming the nightmare that separation from Source is possible. Behind the painted pictures of separation, that your eyes tell you is life, is the truth of Perfect Love. It is still as it always was, untouched by the belief in sin, guilt, and fear. The more you begin to withdraw the shadows of your mind, the more right-minded you become. You will learn that the body is the learning device to be used to lead you out of time and back to the being of Perfect Love that you are in truth. Whatever happens in the dream is to be truly forgiven, for each shadow covers the truth of Perfect Love that is your natural inheritance. The closer you come to know God, by shifting thinking from fear to love by the miracle of The Treasure Map, the better the dream in time you shall face. Give up guilt to know grace. How simpler could it be?

God is the Father of Perfect Love and you are His holy innocent Child, created in His likeness, as an extension of Oneness. This Self is not the self of ego-identification. To know God is to know that you are the being of Perfect Love that must awaken from the dream of death in duality. 

I will not lie, it has been extremely difficult, dark, and depressing to move through the sin, guilt, and fear of the subconscious mind to find the connection to the Oneness of God. But, so worth it. If I had to do it again, would I? I most certainly would, for God is more precious than all the riches of this world combined. No longer do I come from a place of lack with a void hidden within. My cup overfloweth, for I have found the abundance of Perfect Love. No longer am I a prisoner of form, for God has provided the key that led me through the fear to the truth of Perfect Love that is hidden within. And all I did was to follow the path of FAITH that The Treasure Map teaches. It leads you back to God, to the Father you simply love and adore. It is here you will find your happiness and hear your true voice, the One you share with Him. 

Finally, how will you know that it is God and not channeled information that psychic/mediums offer? God comes in perfect peace and luscious love, so whole and complete that nothing else can enter. Gone will be the belief in separation and the truth of Oneness is returned to your sleeping mind. 

God is and there is nothing more. All else is but a dream. 

The Dream of Time Stems From the Sleeping Son's Mind

The more you undo the guilt of the sin of separation the greater the truth of God you shall know (Perfect Love). This allows you to swap the nightmare of sin, guilt, and fear for the happy dream of peace, love and innocence. You must learn to give up the guilt to remember grace, as it offers you the true healing that you seek. The mind-correction from fear to love. Next time you wish to point the finger and project blame, ask yourself, 'Why do I want to punish myself?' You see, this is what you do. By making another guilty you cannot know the truth of Perfect Love, for sameness and separateness are mutually exclusive. 

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