God is... Oneness

The reality of Oneness is the truth of God. He is the Creator of the spiritual, not the physical. He extends Himself in sameness, not specialness. When you experience the completion of Perfect Love you shall know God via revelation and not ego interpretation. To know God is to know the right mind of peace and love where there are no shadows of the sin of separation to distort His truth, trust & totality.

The Revelation of God

God is the way, the truth, and the life. But what does this mean? You see, the key to finding God is to know that He is the wholeness of Holiness. There is no separation from God, otherwise, He would not be holy.

You can have an experience of God in the illusion of time, but you must learn to move your thinking from the wrong mind of judgment and attack (separating thoughts with your thinking in the brain) to the right mind of peace and love (the sameness of Perfect Love, where God is, with your awareness in the lower gut). 

The Way
God has granted the true way to Him. By gifting the truth of His FAITH. You see, God’s FAITH does not seek division, as does the ego religion. God’s FAITH takes you from the wrong mind of body (separation, specialness, sorrow, and suffering) to the right mind of being (wholeness, holiness and happiness). It is time to unite to let go of ego thinking to return to God, the right mind of revelation. For God is in constant communication with the right mind. And this is where the true and positive Thoughts You share with God can be found. By reclaiming the light of Perfect Love within you will shine this without and welcome in the happy dream in time. As you follow God and not the ego.

The Truth
Truth belongs to Perfect Love. The ego will never know Perfect Love, for perfection belongs to wholeness and holiness. Something the ego could never be. As the ego is the symbol of separation in time. You must learn to stop mentally defending the story of the separate self if you seek to know God. For whilst you defend the self of littleness, lack, and lovelessness, you cannot know God. For the thought system of the ego and of God are mutually exclusive. Truth belongs to trust and totality, where there are no shadows of separation to seek sickness and suffering. Remember, truth belongs to wholeness.

The Life
The ego teaches that the body is life. But what God creates as One cannot be parted, and nor can it die. Life is not of separateness but rather sameness. This refers to your being Perfect Love. When you come to know there are two minds, two thought systems, it becomes clear. You must change your mind from the wrong to the right, for whilst bound to the wrong mind of separation you cannot know God. For God communicates via revelation to the right mind of peace, love and innocence for All. When you move through the shadows of separation and suffering in the subconscious to open the door to the right mind you will know life. For life is of wholeness and holiness, not sin, guilt, and fear.

God is the Father of Perfect Love and You are His holy innocent Child, created in His likeness, as an extension of Oneness. This Self is not the self of ego-identification. To know God is to know that you are the being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death in duality. 

"God is and there is nothing more. All else is but a dream."

The Dream of Time

The more you undo the guilt of the sin of separation the greater the truth of God you shall know (Perfect Love). This allows you to swap the nightmare of sin, guilt, and fear, for the happy dream of peace, love and innocence for All. You must learn to give up guilt to remember grace, as it offers you the true healing that you seek. The mind-correction from fear to love. Next time you wish to point the finger and project blame, ask yourself, 'Why do I want to punish myself?' You see, this is what you do. By making another guilty you cannot know the truth of Perfect Love, for sameness and separateness are mutually exclusive. 

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