A Course in Miracles

The author is Jesus, the scribe was Helen Schucman and along with Bill Thetford they birthed into the world a way out of fear and into love, Perfect Love. ACIM provides a roadmap to true spiritual teachings and a path to find the right mind of peace and love.

About ACIM

It was in the late 1990s that I first came upon the big blue book as I like to call it. A few years prior I had a near-death experience, and my perception had become heightened. I found myself to be an open channel afterward and offered free mediumship readings to people from different corners of the globe.

I became a seeker of truth, thirsty for knowledge. As with many new to metaphysics, I found myself drawn to Louise Hay. Extremely new, so I never did have a chance to dive into her work, for one sentence written by the lady of positive affirmations I discovered the spiritual-psychology that is A Course in Miracles. With absolute certainty, I knew it was the way for me. I put down what I was reading and went in search of the path to peace I was born to follow.

From the moment I held the thick masterpiece that consists of the Text, Workbook and Manual for Teachers, it was a coming home of sorts. Whilst I did not understand what it was saying consciously, something within did. I could feel the love between the words and a peace that I had only felt sporadically at that time. I began to turn to the Course. It soothed and stilled from within. What did it say? Something about forgiveness, but I did not know how to make it so.

If you do not have yourself a copy of this, I highly recommend that you get yourself one. And as you work with The Treasure Map, you will be guided to the right mind from where it was written. You will uncover passages of the Course within and learn by revelation, which is not open to ego interpretation. This is the true healing that you seek. The return to the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness.

A Course in Miracles is a complete course in itself, and if you do the work, it will start to change your perception of the illusion of form. It, however, does not teach you how to 'forgive within' and find where the ego has hidden the belief in separation from Source, which is what the Course speaks of.


Helen Schucman, the scribe of the Course, states that the true author is Jesus. Whilst it might seem that the Jesus of the Course and the one of the Bible are not the same, this is incorrect. For when you reclaim the right mind of revelation you will see how the Course takes you to the mind of wholeness and holiness. The mind that Jesus had made his own, and why he referred to himself as the Son of God. For the Son of God belongs to being, which is the Home of the right mind. When you build your Home upon the rock of Perfect Love (the right mind) you will not only know the truth of ACIM, but of the teachings of Jesus. For the wrong mind will never know truth. For truth belongs to sameness, not separateness.

The People

If you are new to A Course in Miracles, I would suggest you look up the official publishers, as appointed by the scribe Helen Schucman, the Foundation for Inner Peace. There is so much content on this site that it will get you moving in the right direction.

Finally, if you are interested in reading about the birth of the Course, how it came to be in the world of form, Dr. Ken Wapnick details this in Absence From Felicity: The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course in Miracles.

What It Says

"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

If you can understand this statement, you know what the Course is teaching. It means that Perfect Love cannot be hurt or harmed. If something is hurt or harmed it is not true. It does not exist in the Mind of God and is the dream that you must wake from. Learn to undo your illusions of sin, guilt, and fear to return thinking to the right mind of peace and love, and God (truth, trust and totality) will be revealed to you. Nothing surpasses the peace of God. I have experienced this myself. When you have peace you have everything, for peace and Perfect Love are the same.

The function of the student is to forgive every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within. Forgiveness as the ego teaches does not offer this, for it makes the belief in separation to be true. One is a saint (the forgiver) and the other a sinner (the forgiven). This is why it can be called Forgiveness-to-Destroy. As it keeps you bound to ego thinking. Remember, every pain or problem stems from some aspect of the belief in separation from Source. The more you undo this misperception, the happier and healthier you shall become, as you move from wrong-minded thinking to right-mindedness, which leads to One-mindedness (awakening).

It is the belief in separation (the shadows of suffering) that is the true cause of your pain, punishment, and problems. You must learn to look upon the darkness, withdraw the shadow, to forgive at the cause and not merely the effects of form. This process of forgiving within is what allows you to move from the wrong mind and to the right. To the truth of your being Perfect Love.

The Miracle of ACIM

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. But what does this mean and how do you do it? Until I discovered the contents of The Treasure Map it was hard to know this. You see, when you follow the path of FAITH that God has granted (Forgiveness - Authenticity - Introspection - Trust - Honesty) it takes you from separate (wrong mind of ego thinking) to the same (right mind of revelation). By the time you draw up your treasure map (via an inward meditation, journaling, true prayer, etc.) the thought has been corrected. Now, by purifying what you think within it changes the events of form. As what is within is seen without.

You see, what is within projects outward. What you are moving through stems from what you have hidden inside. This is why there is no blame, for the dark shadows you confront come from this unconscious call for punishment from the belief you are sinful of separating from Source. When you remove the veil of guilt from your subconscious mind that distorts the truth, you begin to see with the innocent eyes of a Child, which is what Jesus meant.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you must know the truth of innocence for All. This belongs to the right mind, to where The Treasure Map takes you.

It is judgment that seeks the belief in separation and sin, so when you undo it, by forgiving within, miracles happen. You swap the nightmare for the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. Innocence belongs to Perfect Love, the Oneness of wholeness, which is what Heaven is. It is not the place you go when you die, it is your eternal truth when you have awoken from the dream in duality that death is possible. This is why those that reclaim the right mind of peace and love do not experience death, as they know that the body might be laid aside, but it is not who they are. They are the being of Perfect Love that must awaken. One such path to do this is to follow the path of Jesus and continue to truly forgive everything, no matter what the dream offers. As he did. Only, the way the ego teaches forgiveness will not get you Home. This is why Truforgiveness is so important, as it leads away from the wrong mind of ego thinking and to the right mind that leads to One-Mindedness.

Remember, if you want a miracle, it is first the shift in awareness from fear to love. This corrects the thoughts you think deep within (not the conscious mind) and has the power to change what you were set to experience in the dream of time.

Whom It Is For

ACIM is for anyone that wants to know truth, trust and totality. God did not make the world of form. For the world of form is the pain-ground of punishment the belief in separation has made. It is the dream you must wake from, not be defined by.

In order to awaken, this misperception of sin must be looked at and truly forgiven to be forgotten. For you to open the door in the subconscious that covers the right mind of revelation.

To look at the cause in its entirety, would be terrifying. So, a gentle path to awakening has been granted. One shadow at a time is withdrawn, until you uncover the right mind of wholeness, holiness and happiness.

Whilst the Course speaks with Christian terminology it is for all religions and for none. As the Course comes from the place of wholeness within, which does not seek to separate, which is what religion does. I have no qualms with religion. I could as easily forgive in a church, as I would a temple or a mosque.

It is for those that are seeking self-awareness, not content to accept what the ego tells them that they are, and to find a way out of fear and into love, Perfect Love.

The Course is a year-long, self-study program that guides the student to find the inner teacher. However, the ego is very deceptive at interpreting the Course in its own light. For the ego witnesses unto itself. It decides what the Course means, and then all egos agree. You must learn to escape the ego thought system to discover the thought system of God. Where the true and positive Thought reside.

If you are ready to forget fear to remember love, Perfect Love, then the Course is for you. You can still hold the hand of your chosen religion, for ACIM undoes the belief in lack, limitation, and lovelessness and the labels the ego uses to separate. The truth of God’s FAITH seeks to unite All, in the right mind where our being the same is true, not separate.

The Birth of ACIM Forgiveness

It was in the early noughties, and I was at a weekend workshop on forgiveness. When I had the strangest thought, 'Why am I here?' Yet, I then answered my own question, 'For I am here to teach ACIM Forgiveness.' Yet, I didn't even know what ACIM was saying, and it certainly did not teach you how to practice the type of forgiveness that it mentions. At this stage, I had been a student for a few years.

Yet, looking back, I was born to do this work for God. You see, Helen Schucman scribed the Course from 1965 - 1972. I was born in 1974 and it was in 1982 when God came to me to reveal, "My Precious Child. Please do not be afraid, for one day in your twenties you will understand." It has taken four decades for me to understand, but my function was to bring the true teachings of forgiveness to the world. ACIM Forgiveness, God's Forgiveness, Truforgiveness. In the 2020s.

I have spent much of my life hidden in the house. From a young age, I had a psychic vision, in it, I was in an all-white room, sitting at a white desk studying. Behind me, I had a great man. He too was in all white. From a small window, I could see the children having fun and playing outside. I wanted to join in. Yet, I was trapped in the room. I would often ask this saint, that stood behind me, if I could go out and join them. He would tell me “No”, that I had to study for the work I would one day do. I have spent much of my life trapped in the bedroom. From a little girl too afraid to go out to an adult that moved from one illness to the next. But it was for a purpose. I have been studying all this time. And it wasn't too long ago that I heard my spiritual teacher say, "It is time for you to not be hidden."

As I mentioned, I struggled to comprehend what the Course was talking about. When you read it from the wrong mind of judgment and attack, which is ego-identification, it will not be comprehensible to you. For it was written from a different thought system, God’s.

Luckily for me, in the early noughties when I suffered through chronic fatigue syndrome and spent an 18-month period almost in bed, I had a chance to begin to forgive within. I was that exhausted that as I lay, eyes closed, I would drift to sleep but begin to mentally fall through layers in the subconscious mind. I began to become aware that a pattern was forming. I might forgive my partner who cheated, but then as I would fall deeper within, along with the same themes my awareness would follow. I might stumble upon cheating in an exam, or on my past boyfriend. Then him cheating on me, etc. Deeper I would dive, and I might remember cheating on my parents. Telling them that I did something, yet I did not. Each shadow that projects, follows the same theme. I was yet to discover that the ego has hidden the belief in separation at the base of each of these shadows if you follow it correctly. In this case, it would be some aspect of the belief that I cheated on God, by throwing away all He had given me for the ego belief in specialness.

On one occasion, as I lay in bed, Jesus came to me and stated, "You are smart to understand the Course by forgiving within." To be honest, I did not know that this was what I was doing. But he was right. I was beginning to learn. Unlearn the wrong mind to find the right.

As I moved through the subconscious, I could see the passages that I had read from the ego thinking and had no idea of what it meant. Yet deep within, there was a mind that communicated without words, via revelation, and I knew with certainty what Jesus meant. On another occasion, he came and told me that in 50 years’ time all would be learning the Course this way. I do not say this from the place of specialness, only to know, that one day in the future, many will be learning the Course by the miracle of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.

During these early years of treasure map meditation, I would find myself being taken through what I could describe as a big vortex. It seemed that I was taken to different times in the future. At this time, I was still identified with the wrong mind of ego. I am not now. But then, I was. I remember on one occasion, there was a man in a fishing boat out at sea and he was repeating phrases that started with 'I forgive...'. It sounded extremely weird to me at the time. Then I was on the move. Being taken through time and space until I was in a hospital room, and a lady was sitting beside her father who was dying. I could hear her thoughts and she too was repeating these strange, 'I forgive...' statements. It was then that my guide, who was behind me, as He has always been whispered into my ear. "She is extending her love to her dad in the only way she can, to help to ease his suffering." I would say that the year was 2003 when I was first introduced to what would later be called, the 'I Forgive' principle.

I did not know at the time that another decade later that I would have the contents of what these two were repeating, as they drew up their treasure maps. I never gave much thought to what I had seen in this time or mind travel meditation, for in the early years of my spiritual growth, it was often that I was taken out of my body. I would be shown things from the past that I had overlooked and visions of the future. Even one year, I was shown my partner cheating, prior to it happening. I saw the woman, and what unfolded, and that it would be an emotional connection for him. You can imagine my anguish at this. At the time, I often thought that it was a punishment. In hindsight, they were trying to teach me that this world is a dream that must be undone, not be made true. Otherwise, how would I see it before it happened?

Many years ago now, as I woke one morning, the guide that guided me back to God, Jesus, came and spoke to me. He simply said, "Your message to teach is that this world is a dream." Was he crazy, I thought? You see, I was not there yet. I was still associated with the ego. I was not going to teach that. Yet, as I began to awaken, I could see this truth so clearly that it would become the central focus of my teaching.

The world of form is the illusion you must awaken from, not be defined by. Truly forgive each shadow as it appears, by forgiving within and you will move from the wrong mind of judgment and attack to the right mind of peace and love. This shift in perception is the miracle that the Course speaks of. Yet it is the gift of The Treasure Map that makes it so.

The Duration of ACIM Forgiveness

As I mentioned, I have been learning since I was a small child. However, in 2007 it seemed that I was thrown from a mountain to my death below, figuratively speaking. For many years, I believed that I would die in the ravine that would be called my dark decade of the soul.

I did not die. The ego almost did. I still have my days when I am back in ego-identification, but this is not to be judged, for it is my chance to choose again. To undo the belief in sin, guilt, and fear to move thinking to the right mind of peace and love. To dissolve the shadows the belief in separation from Source has made. For we each must play our part in the Atonement principle. This refers to you cleaning up the mess within, that you see without. Until you uncover the right mind and see through the innocent eyes of a Child (the right mind).

I have experienced the miracle of the true healing that The Treasure Map delivers. What the ego sends to destroy is what she will use to truly heal. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. She will also teach you A Course in Miracles via revelation and not ego interpretation. She will save you years of suffering. My own true healing is unbelievable.

As God once said to me, after I found my way back to him, under the guidance of Jesus, "Your brothers almost destroyed you with their projections." It is true. I was almost destroyed. My mind completely collapsed. But I found my way out of hell and into Heaven - a state of Oneness with All.

It is a miracle that I am here to tell you this tale, such was the brokenness that I became. If I can overcome ego-identification, you can too. The deeper you are thrown into the valley of the shadow of death, the greater the chance you have for inner illumination. Utilize what comes to harm to truly heal and you too will find your way to the right mind, where you are taught by revelation.

Finally, when I was putting this material together, I was going to omit my name from the work, when I received a spiritual message. I was told to put my name on it, as it was my gift from God for all of the work that I had done. God grants special gifts to those that are here to be His guide. Mine is The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle. A love so sweet that I could not have dreamed up anything prettier. What will your gift be that you receive from Him? Make sure you 'forgive within' to find it.

* Note: The Foundation for Inner Peace has not approved The Treasure Map as the practical application of ACIM Forgiveness. However, its relation to the Course cannot be denied, for it does teach the Course from the right mind where ACIM was written. As God once said to me, let The Treasure Map stand alone, and to teach those interested in true healing. And so, you do not need to be a student of the Course, but you will come to know ACIM via revelation if you do follow The Treasure Map.

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