It is Time to Fly, Instead of Falter

The delight you seek is hidden within the darkness you run from. Yet. for too long you have been told to concentrate on thoughts of good, repeat affirmations that are a lie and to 'keep a high vibration'. All this does is to cover the darkness that is hidden within. It does not heal at the cause, which is the belief you are separate from Source. This is how miracles are made. 


21-Days Practical Application

By the time you complete chipping away at the darkness within that drags you down, you would have found a gift of gold that the grievances of separation had hidden from you. 

Truly Heal Now
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90+ Minutes Video 

For those looking for a chance to dive into the practical application of The Treasure Map and turn some darkness into delight, then this is the course for you. It includes light teaching, music inspiration and mentorship by me to keep you motivated and on track. What is the delight you will find hidden inside?

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Transcripts & Giftbooks

You have the option to download the transcripts of the lessons. 5 x treasure map giftbooks and more. Over the next few weeks, if you allow yourself 30-minutes to an hour a day to journal your treasure maps, miracles will be made. As you undo the darkness of fear to find the delight of your light: Perfect Love. 

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether day or night, wherever you are, you have lifetime access to this course. There is also an app that you can download that will give you easier access to all the courses on my site. Simply head to the App Store, type in Kajabi and add your email address & you will have the course at the touch of your hands.

15 Days of Delight Course


Online Course includes:

  • 24 video lessons to work through (90-minutes approximately).

  • Up to 6 giftbooks to complete.

  • Transcripts, notes, music inspiration.

  • Begin to let go of pain to know the peace you seek and change the script in time you were set to experience.

Truly Heal Now

The Mentorship Program


Includes the course PLUS:

  • A 1:1 Truforgiveness Healing session with Tash. 60-minutes via video conferencing.

  • Extra bonus content sent via email from Tash which includes morning & evening meditations & guidance to move through the course. 

  • An extra treasure map giftbook: The Delightful Treasure Map.

  • BONUS SHORT COURSE: As part of the homework from the 1:1 session you will be emailed tailored treasure maps based upon guidance from God. The 1:1 Truforgiveness Course. 

Truly Heal Now
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course, get back in touch within 30-days of purchase and you can have a full refund, if you have not already requested a refund of a course previously. Also  excludes The Mentorship Program purchase. 

If you knew who you were, fear would be impossible. But whilst you believe the ego-self to be your truth, you chain yourself to lack, limitation and lovelessness. Undo the darkness of the shadows of the sin (the belief in separation) to find your delight: the remembrance of your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self.

You are everything, not nothing, but it is found deep within, underneath the pain you think to be your truth.


15 Days of Delight

In 15-days you will have removed a veil of guilt that distorts your sight. For the fault lies within you, as what you project outwards is what you perceive. If you wish to see the beauty of innocence, that is Perfect Love, you must unlearn what the ego has taught to remember the truth of God: There is no sin, just a mistake to be truly forgiven, not a need to be punished by. 

Welcome to your 15-Days of Delight, a light introduction to the miracle of The Treasure Map that will ease you into the true way to forgive, for the cause is within you, it is never without. 

You have one treasure map to draw up for each of the 15-days, PLUS 3+ treasure map giftbooks that will completely change what you believe about Forgiveness. 

Not only will your belief system be corrected by the time you complete this online course, but what you project outwards will have be cleaned up as well. As what you see without, is what is within. This is the complete difference to how the ego teaches you that this world operates. As it points the finger, placing blame on another. This simply keeps you stuck in the belief of separation, which is the true cause of every problem you face. 

15 Days of Delight is a joyful jump into The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle. It is not always easy to look upon your buried pain but when you do truly forgive it, you become free from it. Whilst this course does not go into depth about the theory, it will offer you the opportunity to make miracles your own and undo the darkness that covers the truth of your delight: your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

Make no mistake, the problems you face belong to you, it is not the other war round. Do not believe the ego when it tells you that the scar you carry is because of another. The true cause is some aspect of separation and this is what The Treasure Map undoes. 


"This is the way that God taught me to forgive, and it is called Truforgiveness. It will become a life skill that you will take with you from here on out, as it will turn those problems into peace, one Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. " - Tash 

See What is Within


Hello, Beautiful!

Welcome to your 15 Days of Delight. Whether you have completed a course of mine already or new to the miracle of The Treasure Map, you will let go of fear and remember love by the time you complete this three-week course (including the bonuses). Truforgiveness is how God would have you forgive. And I promise, it makes miracles happen, if you continue to 'forgive within'. Let me guide you through the darkness of the subconscious mind that covers your delight: the remembrance of your Perfect Love. Do not be frightened of what you will confront within. Truly forgive it all, for if you dig deep enough you will find the truth of Perfect Love that is waiting to be remembered. I hope to see you on the inside, for it is where we are in truth. 
Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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