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The Know God Treasure Map

Includes the complete treasure map for finding your way back to the truth of God, which is within you. God is not in a far-away place. You are simply asleep in the comfort of grace, dreaming that you are in exile, as you run further into the forest of fear that the ego tells you is truth. The process of FAITH leads you to God, as it takes you from separation to sameness, Perfect Love. To know God is to not know the ego lie of separation. 

In 1982 when I was 8-years of age, God appeared to me. The room became so complete that there was no room for fear to enter. This simply means, that I experienced Oneness, not the separateness that offers every experience we face in the world of form. The experience was so real, more real that this world itself. It gave me a taste of the truth of God and I have chased this ever since I was young. Special love has nothing on the love that God offers. Do not settle for what the ego gives you, as it is nothing in comparison to the love that God has for you. When you know who you are (perfect, peaceful and powerful) you will know God as the Father of Perfect Love that seeks for you to awaken from the dream you are asleep in.

The world of form was not made by God, so do not attribute blame on what He did not create. This world is of the ego making, which is why it is not perfect. The more you 'forgive within' the more of God's truth you shall know. To know God is to know innocence, for this is His truth.

Your Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived - The Treasure Map Giftbook. 

"God is Oneness, not separateness. Whilst you believe in the separate self of ego-identification, you cannot know God. As they are mutually exclusive."

What you'll get:

 ❤️ One (1) treasure map giftbook to ensure the mind-correction from fear to love, problem to peace, and separation to sameness.

❤️Each treasure map giftbook includes a set of 30-questions to ensure the entire shadow of sin that is covering your mind is removed. 

❤️ Your belief system will be corrected by the time you complete The Treasure Map. 

❤️ Continue to work through this giftbook until you have received the true healing that you desire. 

❤️ The more you 'forgive within' the better the script in time you shall face, as you reclaim the truth of wholeness, instead of suffering through the sin of separation. 

❤️ The true cause for every problem/pain you face is some aspect of the belief in separation, which is what The Treasure Map aims to correct. 

Please note: You must remain accountable for your own healing, for if it is not within you, you will not find it. Listen to the inner voice as to the pace you are to go. Do not blame anyone for your position, for you have a call for punishment within and this is why you confront the darkness that you have made.

Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase. 

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