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The Pained Treasure Map Meditation

Includes the 60+ minute Treasure Map Meditation on Pain.

When you are in pain it means that you have something you need to truly forgive. For you are experiencing the belief in separation projected outwards. You see, the right mind hidden within cannot be sick or suffer. The more of the truth of innocence for All you know, the less you can be hurt, be that mental, physical or emotional.

The safety and security you seek in time is the right mind of peace and love that is hidden within that teaches you are being, not body. Become vigilant to truly forgive until you see no darkness within but the truth of love. Then extend love outwards and you will be happy with what you experience in time.

"All pain belongs to the ego-mind so you must learn to forgive within to locate the right mind that heals and does not harm."

What You Will Get:

  • One (1) treasure map meditation (60+ minutes).
  • Your belief system will be corrected by the time you finish your treasure map and by purifying what you think within it corrects the projection in the world of form. As what is within is seen without.
  • Truforgiveness Prescription: Complete this treasure map meditation daily for one week. Then see what guidance the inner voice grants.

Please Note:

  • Upon successful purchase, you will be taken to your treasure map meditation. You will also be sent a link for future reference. 
  • You must remain accountable for your own true healing, for if it is not within you, you will not find it. Listen to the inner voice as to the pace you are to go. Do not blame anyone for your position, for you have a call for punishment within and this is why you confront the darkness that you have made.
  • Results will vary and I cannot guarantee what you will receive.
  • If you are in need of seeking a doctor please do so and listen to the guidance they offer. Utilize The Treasure Map as your complementary therapy.
  • Please note, this meditation comes as a free gift with The Beautiful Bundle - Health.
  • Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase.

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