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The Trust God Treasure Map

Includes the complete treasure map on Trusting God. To trust God is to find the truth of Perfect Love that is hidden within, for trust must be found in wholeness, not separateness. How can you trust the ego when it was born to die? You cannot trust something that does not offer a stable and secure foundation in which to rest. Allow this treasure map to remind you of the trusting relationship you share with God, from the place of sameness.

Do not let the ego tell you who God is, for the ego cannot know what it is not. The ego spins the tale of separation, thus, what it teaches is based upon judgment and attack. To trust God is to know the truth of Perfect Love that is within. For Perfect Love is built upon the foundation of trust. They cannot be separated, for what God creates as One cannot be parted.

Allow the truth of FAITH that God has granted to lead you deep within to discover the safety, security, stability, and stillness that trusting God offers. It does not mean that the picture in time will always be pleasant, for the function before you is to backtrack through your dark thought-forms of your mind, truly forgive them to become free from them. It is only then that you shall know your truth as the being of Perfect Love that must awaken from the dream. 

Your Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived - The Treasure Map Giftbook.

"God is Perfect Love. The Oneness of Holiness, where truth & trust cannot be parted."

What you'll get:

❤️ One (1) treasure map giftbook to ensure the mind-correction from fear to love, problem to peace, and separation to sameness.

❤️ Each treasure map giftbook includes a set of 30-questions to ensure the entire shadow of sin that is covering your mind is removed. 

❤️ Your belief system will be corrected by the time you complete The Treasure Map. 

❤️ Continue to work through this giftbook until you have received the true healing that you desire. 

❤️ The more you 'forgive within' the better the script in time you shall face, as you reclaim the truth of wholeness, instead of suffering through the sin of separation. 

❤️ The true cause for every problem/pain you face is some aspect of the belief in separation, which is what The Treasure Map aims to correct. 

Please note: You must remain accountable for your own healing, for if it is not within you, you will not find it. Listen to the inner voice as to the pace you are to go. Do not blame anyone for your position, for you have a call for punishment within and this is why you confront the darkness that you have made.

Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase.

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