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The I Love Myself Treasure Map

Includes the complete treasure map for Loving Yourself. When you know that you are innocent and not guilty, love will make itself known. The true cause of the guilt you feel can be traced back to the belief in the sin of separation. Stop judging the story, and continue to undo it, by placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God. Where God is, so too is all the love you seek.

It is not the picture in time that you hate, but the belief in sin that is hidden within. Miracles are made when you 'forgive within' so allow the beauty of The Treasure Map to teach you that you are love, not fear. This mind-correction has the power to alter the events of form you were set to experience. 

As you learn to love yourself, others will love you as well. 

Your Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived - The Treasure Map Giftbook.

'Love is found in Oneness, not separateness."

What you'll get:

❤️ One treasure map giftbook to ensure the mind-correction from fear to love, problem to peace, and separation to sameness.

❤️ Each treasure map giftbook includes a set of 30-questions to ensure the entire shadow of sin that is covering your mind is removed. 

❤️ Your belief system will be corrected by the time you complete The Treasure Map. 

❤️ Continue to work through this giftbook until you have received the true healing that you desire. 

❤️ The more you 'forgive within' the better the script in time you shall face, as you reclaim the truth of wholeness, instead of suffering through the sin of separation. 

❤️ The true cause for every problem/pain you face is some aspect of the belief in separation, which is what The Treasure Map aims to correct. 

Please note: You must remain accountable for your own healing, for if it is not within you, you will not find it. Listen to the inner voice as to the pace you are to go. Do not blame anyone for your position, for you have a call for punishment within and this is why you confront the darkness that you have made.

Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase.

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