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The Truforgiveness Journal: Digital Download

Welcome to The Truforgiveness Journal. Your 5-Day email course working through The Truforgiveness Journal. 

This is true healing. It is happiness free from the belief in sin, guilt, and fear as you return thinking to the right mind of peace and love. It is how you miraculously manifest, by removing the barriers to the awareness of love's presence. It is how you find health and wealth that make your dreams come true. By giving up the guilt you let go of the call for punishment. It truly is that miraculous. 

Upon purchase, you will receive the 8-page journal to download and your first treasure map to draw up. A treasure map is the mind-correction from fear to love. It is how you undo the past in the present to release the future from suffering. Then for the next five (5) days you will receive a short email from me guiding you to complete the mind-correction from fear to love that is The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness.

For those of you that know and love A Course in Miracles, this is the type of Forgiveness that was spoken about in the Course but was not explained how to do. As Truforgiveness is when you forgive the cause, not merely the effects of form. 

"Hidden within you is the truth of Perfect Love and Truforgiveness will teach you how to find the love you think you have lost."

What You Will Get:

  • The Truforgiveness Journal - digital download.
  • Five (5) days of practical application via email:
    The Wellness Map
    The Abundance Map
    The Love Meditation
    The Money Meditation
    The Power Prayer
  • PLUS BONUS ACIM Mini-Course: This gift with purchase offers the true meaning of FAITH, how to draw up your treasure maps, offers true teachings about the Course, as well as two treasure map giftbooks to complete. Around 3-hours of practical application.
    RRP $99.00

Please Note:

  • Upon successful purchase, your journal will be emailed to you.
  • Whatever you find and truly forgive in the subconscious mind is for Truforgiveness only. This is not a course in judgment and attack, as it is the opposite of this, for this is how you truly heal. You must remain accountable for what you find and truly forgive in the subconscious, for if it is not within you, you will not find it.
  • This 5-day email course will be taught as a journaling process, however, if you do not like to write, you can complete it via an inward meditation. You will be taught how to mentally drop through the layers of the subconscious mind that cover the truth of Perfect Love within that is waiting to be remembered.
  • Results will vary depending upon the gift The Treasure Map wishes to deliver. 
  • There is a no refund policy on this purchase.

Payment Details:

  • One payment only.
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What People Are Saying:

I've never experienced the sort of feelings, insights, and views I've been experiencing with your course. I'm not even sure if the word thank you cuts it really. Your course is guiding me back to God and to myself when I had no idea that the reason I was in so much damn pain was because I lost them. I don't know what to tell you Tash, but you have some real magic on your hands.

✨ Noora K (Middle East)

What I loved about Natasha’s course in Truforgiveness was the synchronicity that unfolded with each lesson. During the night I would be shown in dreams that which I needed to work upon the next day. I loved that there was a higher force that was guiding us through.

✨ Reaya P (Australia)

I feel more confident. Really, I am tearing up as I write this because it's amazing. I believe FAITH is a reminder that you are love and a way back to love, purpose, and peace.

✨ Cynthia M (USA)

An amazing course.

✨ John V (USA)

OMG so much better, lighter and free! I feel hopeful and just grateful.

✨ Barchi F (Canada)

The Truforgiveness Treasure Map is a gift for us a awaken to our true self, yes it is a commitment and yes it can take you through the eye of the needle and dark nights. What I can say for sure is the miracles that await you and show up at the end of the map, are truly gifts reflecting the wholeness which is available to us all. Recommend it to all.

✨ Stephanie (Australia)

An amazing tool which I know I will be using for the rest of my life on both personal and professional levels.

✨ Andrea D (Australia)