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The Body Healing Treasure Map

Includes the complete treasure map on Body Healing. Do not underestimate the power of your mind, for it is the mind that decides what you will experience in time. The more of the guilt of sin (the shadows of separation) you have within, the darker the journey through time you shall face.

Utilize the miracle of The Treasure Map to undo your spiritual karma and release you from the need to punish yourself. You see, you cannot return Home to the truth of Perfect Love until you have truly forgiven and given up the need to attack. Of course, consciously, you would not hurt yourself, but subconsciously, we all do. It is part of the mad belief that the ego spins, that you have sinned against heaven & earth and to be relieved of the guilt, you look for ways to harm yourself. Illness is one such pathway, but when used for good, it has the power to send you on a different path, as it has done for me.

Where there is Perfect Love, sickness cannot follow. So utilize the illness as your place to begin to forgive within. Over time, you will find the truth of innocence and give up unwellness for wellness. Please know, that if you have developed an illness, you have many shadows of the sin of separation. It took me 5-years to begin to undo the acute PTSD. I know this sounds like a long time, this case was extreme though, but when you finally find the doorway, everything that you have truly forgiven gets taken from you. Do not give up on finding a way to heal yourself, for the answer is within. Seek to find the way. And most of all, do not give your power away to another. Listen to the inner voice.

Your Truforgiveness Therapy has arrived - The Treasure Map Giftbook.

"Perfect Love cannot be sick, otherwise it would not be perfect. Where you are unwell, is where you guilt of sin has been hidden. Use it to withdraw the shadows, for this is your true function in the dream of time."

What you'll get:

❤️ One (1) treasure map giftbook to ensure the mind-correction from fear to love, problem to peace, and separation to sameness.

❤️ Each treasure map giftbook includes a set of 30-questions to ensure the entire shadow of sin that is covering your mind is removed. 

❤️ Your belief system will be corrected by the time you complete The Treasure Map. 

❤️ Continue to work through this giftbook until you have received the true healing that you desire. 

❤️ The more you 'forgive within' the better the script in time you shall face, as you reclaim the truth of wholeness, instead of suffering through the sin of separation. 

❤️The true cause for every problem/pain you face is some aspect of the belief in separation, which is what The Treasure Map aims to correct. 

Please note: I am not a medical doctor. If you are sick, please seek the professionals in the field that relates to the help you need. Utilize The Treasure Map as your complimentary therapy, for the true healing offered by T3M is the correction from fear to love, and the acceptance of peace of mind. Whilst she can heal the body, do not make the body your goal, for the body is not who you are. You are the being of Perfect Love that must awaken from the dream. 

You must remain accountable for your own healing, for if it is not within you, you will not find it. Listen to the inner voice as to the pace you are to go. Do not blame anyone for your position, for you have a call for punishment within and this is why you confront the darkness that you have made.

Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase.

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