True Healing Has Arrived

The ego has taught you that healing is of the body, not the mind. Yet the body is under the directive of the mind. When you undo ego fear and return your thinking to the right mind of peace and love, miracles happen. This is true healing, forgetting what you have made, to remember the Perfect Love that God created you as.

If you are ready to make miracles your own and live your dream life, instead of being dragged by the ego fear, then you need to get forgiving within. Forgiveness is just the first step, there are 4 more steps that comprise the true way that God teaches Forgiveness, which is called Truforgiveness. 

The more you practice Truforgiveness, the better the journey through time you shall face. 


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$99.00  Online Course

Don't let the price fool you. This course is at a discounted rate to ensure Truforgiveness is available to all. With 3+ hrs of video, transcripts, potentially 5 giftbooks, notes, and the opportunity to draw up your own maps, you will learn all you need to know to undo judgment returning thinking to peace & love.

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The Mentorship Program

If you are looking for miracles, then perhaps a 1:1 Truforgiveness Therapy session with Tash is for you. All sessions are sold via The Mentorship Program that are sprinkled throughout the courses. However, there is an introductory rate for the first session only, which includes a free course. 

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$19.00 Treasure Maps

If you have completed The Subsidized Course and know how to draw up your maps, then dive into the giftbooks. From mental to sexual health, harmony to home life, and money to miraculous manifestation, by the time you complete your map, your thinking would have shifted from fear to love.

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Ready To Dive In

If you know how to complete your treasure maps, then the digital download might be for you. It includes giftbooks that are emailed to you immediately upon purchase as you undo fear to remember love. By doing so, you alter the events of form you were set to experience. 

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Go Slow & Steady

The email courses are delivered to you over a time period. You will be emailed different giftbooks with a custom program to work through. By the time you complete your these you would have corrected thinking by removing numerous shadows of the sin of separation. 

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Something For Everyone

If you start at The Subsidized Course, you will get an idea of where to go, as each course is explained in it. However, there is The Truforgiveness Journal (7-Days of practical application) to 15 Days of Delight (3-week course) and The Foundation Course that leads into Enlightenment & Awakening.

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The New Way to Manifest

There is a new way of thinking being birthed into consciousness. It is not about keeping a high vibration, as this merely keeps the belief in separation to be your reality. Each treasure hunt includes ten treasure map giftbooks to work through and offers true healing & miraculous manifesting. 

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Interested To Teach

For those that fall in love with this therapy, there is the 2-year teacher training to undertake that will allow you to become a Truforgiveness Healer & work 1:1 with private clients. You will need to complete both The Enlightenment & Awakening Courses to become one of God's guides!

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Body Love

If you are not loving, adoring and respecting your body, then you have true healing to do. Whilst you are not the body in truth, you do need the body in order to awaken from the dream. Love the skin you are in and allow Truforgiveness to make body miracles as you fall in love with yourself.

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The more you place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, the more of truth you will know. 

Every time you feel anything other than Perfect Love, it is another opportunity to 'forgive within' to undo those ego judgments that seek separation and specialness. This returns your thinking to the right mind of peace and love, where the truth of sameness and salvation can be found.

This mind-correction from fear to love that is The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle offers you your happy dream rather than your nightmare. 

The problems you face stem from within. As what is within is seen without. Do not blame another for your position, as the true cause is the misperception you are no longer whole. The Treasure Map will undo the belief in the ego separation and reunite you with the truth of Perfect Love that is within you right now. You see, this is the key to true healing, removing the barriers to the awareness of love's presence and this is what this map to miracles does. Hidden underneath the darkness of the subconscious mind, is all the love you seek. I would love to teach you how to find it, if you will let me. 

The best place to start is with The Subsidized Course, True Healing & The Treasure Map, as it will teach you all you need to know about T3M and how to draw up your own treasure maps. It also offers glimpses into how this map to miracles was birthed into consciousness and the different avenues you can take to continue your undoing of the ego fear with the gift of Truforgiveness.

In essence, I will show you how to unlearn all the ego has taught to know your true Self, the One that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. You will let go of fear and remember love and change the script in time you were meant to face, as you learn how to miraculously manifest your dream life, instead of being dragged through nightmare. 

The more you 'forgive within', the better the journey through time you will face. Not to mention the happiness that it offers. Come into the happy dream, you have nothing to lose, except your fear!

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

Tash xxx

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Cynthia Mendez

"I honestly believed I was guided to you and the course of FAITH. It was never my intention to complete a course like this, I did not know it existed and I did not even understand how it would work. After leaping in following my guide, with no resistance at all I successfully completed the entire course. AMAZING. I believe FAITH is a reminder that you are love and a way back to love, purpose, and peace. It has helped me find my way out of darkness and to see my light a little brighter every time. It has helped me heal myself, heal my wounds, my sorrow, my pain that I was covering up due to FEAR. It has help me face fear and forgive myself."

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Reaya Pellegrini

"What I loved about Natasha’s course in Truforgiveness was the synchronicity that unfolded with each lesson. During the night I would be shown in dreams that which I needed to work upon the next day. I loved that there was a higher force that was guiding us through this 21 day journey. To make time each day to pull the layers and sink deeper into myself gave me much insight and compassion. I will not lie as some days it was tough to go and walk through the darkness but after this there was so much love and light that followed. Within the first week of the course amazing opportunities started to form around me. The beauty of going within is that once you connect yourself back to Source you can only become light and this you shine from all parts of you. Thank you Natasha for your guidance and wisdom throughout this journey. Namaste."

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Barchi Fojkar

"I am beyond happy and grateful to have Tash as a teacher. She is everything a great teacher should be and more. With her, I could express my emotions fully without being judged. That is something I valued the most, a feeling of total acceptance. I also loved the way she took care of everyone during the process. There was absolutely no drama and the whole atmosphere was just full of love and support. But probably one of her best traits is her immense care for humanity as she is sharing this wonderful gift of Truforgiveness with the world. I believe this is priceless."

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