"This process was by far the greatest healing that I have received."

A Truforgiveness Therapy session is unlike your traditional therapy session. There is no rehashing of the story, as I will guide you, as God guides me, to find and truly forgive where the choice for separation has been hidden in the subconscious mind. We will withdraw the entire shadow of darkness that seeks for ways to make you suffer. You will receive a miracle on the level of form that corrects the script in time you were set to experience. Let's undo your fear to remember love together. 

Plus, get your free course with your initial session. 


Oneness Is True, Not Separateness

Sit down with Steph and I, as we discuss a 1:1 Truforgiveness Therapy session.

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1:1 Video Conferencing

Allow me to guide you deep within the subconscious mind as we come together online. The sessions are private,  confidential and will not be recorded. You will not be discussing the story of separation, but rather, undoing those knots that keep the truth of Perfect Love out of your awareness. 

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True Healing

This will be a deep healing for you. As I listen to God guide me deep into the subconscious to find and truly forgive where the choice for separation has been hidden by the ego. It will alter your belief system, undo the amount of time you were meant to sit in suffering, and correct the picture in time you were facing. 

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Return To The Right Mind

Deep within there is the right mind of peace and love. Together we will undo ego fear and break those chains of consciousness that make guilt your friend, instead of grace. By removing the shadows of the sin of separation, miracles happen as we place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God. 

A 1:1 Truforgiveness Therapy session with me is the true therapy that undoes fear returning you to love.

Unlike traditional therapies, it does not make true the story of the separate self of sin, guilt and fear. Instead, the purpose of a Truforgiveness Therapy session is to find and truly forgive where the belief in separation has been hidden in the subconscious mind. 


What happens in a session?

The client will verbally draw up their treasure map, as I guide them deeper into the subconscious mind, whilst I too, forgive within on their behalf. Listening to God guide me, I will lead the client, to ensure that Truforgiveness is placed upon the altar to Him - which is how miracles are made. 

The video conferencing session lasts for around 60-minutes and comes with a follow-up email that will offer a short personalized program for the client to work through, based upon the ego blocks that were discovered during the session.

What can the client expect to receive?

Not only will the client be taught the proper process of 'forgiving within', but true healing will happen. The belief system will be corrected, which then changes the events of form the client was meant to face. The shifts on the level of form can take a few months to be made manifest, but they will happen. 

What is asked of the client?

This therapy asks the client to give up guilt to know God's grace. It is God's Forgiveness, which is called Truforgiveness. No secrets are shared, for this true therapy is for Truforgiveness, as such, there is no judgment passed. For Oneness is true, not separateness. It, however, is a true healing and the results are amazing. 

Part of the belief system of the client will be corrected by the time the session is complete.

How can I book a 1:1 session with Tash?

For the first session, there is a one-off special, which includes The Truforgiveness Journal (short 7-day online course for free). For follow-up appointments, they can be purchased through The Mentorship Program that is spread throughout the different courses available. Just look for what course you would like to dive into (be it a digital download, email course or online course) and you will find more information. Just make sure you purchase The Mentorship Program of the course you are after. 

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Cynthia Mendez

"Honestly, I am in awe knowing that I am where I need to be NOW. I am on course, I am blessed, I am love, and I am healing. In my search for that power that is greater than all I’ve had many teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Gabrielle Bernstein, but one of my closest and greatest teachers has been Tash McKenna. She has been a blessing and a divine connection. I have been working with Tash for almost six months and it has been a delight. Tash has a lightness to her she makes you feel supported, understood, and she allows you to just be. She is pure soul, beautiful inside and out. Will hold space for you in a safe and non-judgmental way. Since working with her my soul has opened up, my light expanded, and my peace has returned. Most importantly, I am remembering that I am Pure Love. I am an extension of that which I had been in search of. I am healing my inner wounds. If you are looking to go from fear to love, chaos to peace, lack to abundance, Tash is the teacher for you. I truly encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to work with her. You’ll be glad you did.Tash and her teachings are miraculous, the 'I Forgive' principle a practical application of A Course in Miracles is amazing. If you are here, reading this is because you are meant to be. Now, it is up to you to follow your inner guide."

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John Ventura

"I learned about Truforgiveness Therapy after reading some online postings by the author of the program, Natasha McKenna. I’ve been an avid reader of works by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson, among others, so the key message of Natasha’s writing, that we are Love, believe we have separated from our Source, and Forgiveness lights the path back to who we really are, really resonated with me. I completed her Self-Love with Truforgiveness 21 day course and have recently started her Treasure Map course. The daily writing became both a type of meditation and a gateway to self-awareness. Within a week of starting the course, the topic of self worth repeatedly surfaced. I was also struck by an awareness of separation from Source as a component of fear thoughts, whether related to relationships, career or money. Seemingly without effort, other than the daily reading and writing exercise, the thoughts of low self worth, fear and separation were replaced by a calmness and sense of acceptance. As was reported to me by my business partners, I became less reactive to the frequent challenges of business."

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Reaya Pellegrini

"Last week I had a 1:1 healing session online with Natasha. We were chatting about where I was at and how I was feeling stuck with a situation and how this was also linked to my past. Something that I thought I had overcome, but the fact that it had resurfaced in a different time was clearly an indication that I hadn't. We began the process of going within, I could feel that I didn’t want to do this and Natasha directed me out of my head and into my body and when I went within and began the Truforgiveness process I hit a major iceberg. The tears and pain that I had been holding onto for all these years suddenly came up to the surface. I could feel the darkness that I had buried and it was painful but then not long after this I found my way to peace. This process to me was by far the greatest healing that I have received. As I was directed to where I needed to go and I allowed myself to release what was being held hostage in my body.
The shift was immediate. Things around me changed because something inside of me had changed. I let go of the suffering that I had been holding onto.
I have done a lot of Natasha’s course and loved these but the 1:1 I highly recommend. You can get straight into the issues and Natasha’s guidance was right on point. Thank you Natasha. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in my life 💜"

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