The Truforgiveness Journal

Imagine no longer feeling lack, limitation, and lovelessness. For hidden deep within you is all the love you seek. It is who you are in truth: perfect, peaceful, and powerful. Allow Truforgiveness to move you from fear to love, lack to abundance, and separation to wholeness. It is a gift from God sent to heal you from the illusion of fear, the belief you are separate from Perfect Love. 


Your 7-Day Practical Application

Learn about the treasure map journaling, meditations, power prayer and grateful gifts. You have a week to let go of fear to find the truth of love. Perfect Love. 

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40+ Minutes Video 

This course offers you the practical application that you crave to undo fear to remember love. Let me teach you about the journaling of The Treasure Map, the new way to meditate, Power Prayer, Grateful Gifts that will offer you a way to truly transform. This is your easy dive to undo guilt to remember grace.

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Transcripts & Giftbooks

You have the option to download the transcripts of the lessons. You will work through The Truforgiveness Journal, as well as two treasure map giftbooks to discover. Perfect Love is within you & you will have the chance to find it in this light week together in making miracles your own. 

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether day or night, wherever you are, you have lifetime access to this course. There is also an App that you can download that will give you easier access to all the courses on my site. Simply head to the App Store, type in Kajabi and add your email address & password and you will be good to go. 

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I used to call my life a nightmare. I practiced affirmation after affirmation until I couldn't repeat them any longer. The levels of anxiety that I faced were crippling. I battled through eating disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and addictions, until acute Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder dragged me to the ground. I could not get back up, this was how destroyed I had become. 

The way to true healing is via Truforgiveness. Not only have I gotten back up, but I have swapped the nightmare for the happy dream of peace and love. True healing is possible, when you learn how to undo the shadows of the sin of separation, to return your thinking to the right mind of innocence. 

Let me show you the path that offers miracles. It worked for me and has worked for so many others as well! You see, "I forgive leads to I love." Once you follow the path of FAITH and move from the belief in separation to the truth of sameness within, Perfect Love, it is from here you plant your seeds that you wish to manifest. It is from the light within that those grievances cover, that you will find how worthy & deserving you are and how totally good enough God created you to be. In fact, you are more than good enough, you are perfect, peaceful and powerful. However, it has nothing to do with the ego-self of lack, limitation, and lovelessness. Hidden deep within is your right mind that offers all the happiness that you crave. 

No longer do you have to be a victim of form, for you have found the key that changes the script in time you were meant to move through. 

Whatever the problem you face, Truforgiveness will truly heal. As long as you are honest and authentic with your offering of 'forgiving within'. This work is truly miraculous. Do not settle for Forgiveness, for it does not heal where the cause arose, in the subconscious mind, the choice to be separate instead of whole. 

It is time to be different, by making it all the same, undoing fear to remember love, Perfect Love and watch your happy dream come true. 

For those that do not know me, please know that you can come from any religion or from none, for this work is spiritual in truth. People often ask me what my faith is, who I am aligned to. I tell them that my FAITH is Truforgiveness, for this is what FAITH means in truth. As it takes you back to God, to the remembrance of Perfect Love that is you natural inheritance.

The Mentorship Program

If you would like to work 1:1 with Tash in a Truforgiveness Healing session (60-minutes via video conferencing) and receive bonus content that includes your tailored program, then make sure you add this offer when you checkout.

True Healing & Miracles

By adding your initial session to The Truforgiveness Journal, you save $119.00, which means that you receive this course for free. You may only purchase this offer once as it is an introductory special to working 1:1 with Tash. 

Preview The Course

Take a sneak peak within to see if a week of Truforgiveness is the tool of transformation you need now. 


Hello, Beautiful!

I cannot wait for you to dive into this 7-days of practical application of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle. This will change your script in time that you were meant to face. I promise, this will truly heal you, but you must become vigilant for this mind-correction from fear to love. The more you do it, forgiving within, the better the results you receive. It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee of FAITH on it, so if you are not completely satisfied, get back in touch to request your refund. I hope to see you on the inside, for it is where we are in truth. 
Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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