True Healing & The Treasure Map

Hidden deep within you is the Oneness of Perfect Love, where the truth of sameness can be found, which is your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

Learn how to become free from fear and have your suffering eased as the map to miracles offers true healing such as peace & positivity, health & happiness, and safety & security. I have found the way out of hell and into Heaven - a state of grace. Let me share it with you and build your dreams, instead of being dragged by your nightmare. Sit down, have a cup of tea and learn the way miracles are made as you begin to draw up your own treasure maps. 


This Story Starts With A Thought

'If I tell them they won't love me, they will leave me and I will be all alone.'

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3+ Hours of Video Content

All you need to know about the map to miracles, God and the story of separation. By the time you complete this course, you will know how to truly heal, by undoing judgment and returning your thinking to the right mind of peace and love. 

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Transcripts & Giftbooks

You have the option to download the transcripts of the lessons. You are also given giftbooks to work through, which is how you do the mind-correction from fear to love. Perfect Love is within you & you will have the chance to find it. 

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Access Anytime, Anywhere

Whether day or night, wherever you are, you have lifetime access to this course. There is also an App that you can download that will give you easier access to all the courses on my site. More information is offered inside the course. 

All The Tools You Need To Undo Fear to Remember Love, Perfect Love. 

I have created this course to make it available for all. It will teach you how to become free from fear, be saved from suffering, and to ease your anguish as you are guided to give up pain and punishment for peace and love. This is how miracles are made, as you miraculously manifest your dream life, instead of waking each day with dread within. There is the happy dream calling for you, come on in and play. If I can do it, you can too!

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course, get back in touch within 30-days of purchase and you can have a full refund. You will still know what the mind-correction from fear to love is and how to make miracles your own. 

There is no need to stick with suffering, when God has granted a map to miracles that leads out of problems and into perfect peace & luscious love. You see, hidden within you is all the love you seek, you just need to know how to discover this, and I would love to fill you in.


True Healing & The Treasure Map

Welcome to your course that will introduce you to the map to miracles that is The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle. 

Make no mistake, this work is a gift from God. When I was sicker than I believed possible and my only way out of the nightmare that I faced was potentially suicide, God came to me one day and promised He would make the pure punishment I faced up to me. The gift I have received is The Treasure Map (T3M). It is a path to true healing, for it undoes ego fear, which is the experience of the guilt hidden within. When you give up guilt, you let go of the deep call to be punished. True healing is of the mind, for the world of form is merely the thoughts you think projected outward. When you clean these up, not by denying them and concentrating on good, but dissolving them with the gift of Truforgiveness, miracles happen. 

Not only will you be welcomed into what The Treasure Map is, but you will come to know the story of separation that it took to birth this map to miracles into consciousness. You see, not only has it taken me twenty years gestation, but I was dreaming about this work and planting the seeds since I was not even in double digits. So, for around forty years I have been dreaming of doing this work, only I did not know that one day it would be called The Treasure Map, which is the mind-correction from fear to love.


This is God's Forgiveness and it makes miracles happen!


The Treasure Map comprised three parts:

The purpose of Truforgiveness

When you forgive at the cause, and not merely the effects of form.

The process of FAITH

The way you place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God is by the process of FAITH:

Forgiveness, Authenticity, Introspection, Trust & Honesty

The practice of The 'I Forgive' Principle

For 'I Forgive is the doorway to the I Am.'


You see, Forgiveness as the ego teaches is just the first step, there are four more steps that complete this mind-correction from fear to love.

And this explains how miracles are made!


Finally, this purchase includes access to the private Facebook® family of Truforgiveness. 

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Hello, Gorgeous!

I cannot wait to introduce you to the true healing that The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle offers. Find out how I swapped the nightmare for the happy dream, simply by 'forgiving within' and how you can to, by undoing fear to remember love - Perfect Love. This will then change your script in time that you were meant to face. I promise, this will truly heal you, but you must become vigilant for this mind-correction from fear to love.

The more you do it, 'forgiving within', the better the results you receive. 

It also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee of FAITH on it, so if you are not completely satisfied, get back in touch to request your refund.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,

Tash xxx

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