The Treasure Is Within

The shadows cover the truth of Perfect Love. The key with Truforgiveness is to mentally dig deep enough within, to hopefully find some aspect of the belief you are separate from Source. This is the true cause of every problem/pain that you face. It is this misperception of sin that seeks for ways for you to suffer. When you undo it, miracles happen.

The true meaning of a miracle is the mind-correction from fear to love. By correcting your thinking you change the events of form you were meant to move through. The reason this mind-correction is so miraculous, is that there is only thought. For this world is the dream you must awaken from. 

There is no difference between being and having in truth. Love is perfectly whole and offers the happy dream in all its glory of grace and goodness. Fear is the experience of lack from the belief in separation. To have love, you must find it within, so it extends outwards to your picture in time. 

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Digital Downloads


The Mentorship Program - $549.00

Upon purchase you wil receive an email with your ten treasure map giftbooks. Feel free to go at your own pace, by listening to the inner voice that will set the journey from fear to love. Treasure hunts included are on Home, Good Enough, Beauty, Happiness, Rewarding & Desperate. Purchase on its own or as part of The Mentorship Program and receive a 1:1 Truforgiveness Therapy session.


Email Courses


The Mentorship Program - $899.00

You will receive ten treasure map giftbooks emailed one every three days to you. It includes bonus content to explain the deeper meaning of this work and the spiritual truths that you will uncover as you dig within. Hunts included are Love, Money, Support, Food, Wellbeing & Abundance. Purchase on its own or as part of The Mentorship Program working 1:1 with me.

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