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There is only thought, for the world of form is the outward projection of an inward condition. When you heal the mind miracles happen, as it is the guilt within that seeks the ways of sickness & suffering. Undo the guilt in your mind by truly forgiving everything and you will change the story you were meant to move through. 

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The Treasure Maps

The Angry Treasure Map


The Anxious Treasure Map


The Betrayal Treasure Map


The Depressed Treasure Map


The Devastated Treasure Map


The Grief Treasure Map


The Guilty Treasure Map


The Hateful Treasure Map


The Heartbroken Treasure Map


The Jealous Treasure Map


The Lonely Treasure Map


The Rejection Treasure Map


The Sad Treasure Map


The Shocked Treasure Map


The Stressed Treasure Map


The Panicked Treasure Map



How to be Truly Helpful to All...

You have the power within you to move mountains, but you must undo your allegiance to the separate self of ego-identification to find the right mind of peace and love that has access to the Oneness of Perfect Love (God). Do not be content to believe you are the story of suffering that you are moving through. Continue to truly forgive it all and you will become a miracle itself, as you remember your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

If you know of anyone that is suffering through illness of the mind, begin to draw up your treasure maps for them by removing the shadows of sin that they fall under. This undoes the guilt within the subconscious which is what seeks the ways of pain & punishment. 

You do not need to be a helpless victim of the world of form. I have found my way through the darkness of the ego-mind to find the light of truth (Oneness) that offers true healing. Mentally go within, truly forgiving every barrier to the awareness of love's presence for all you see and find and you too will become a good guide for God, as we assist to truly heal and awaken.