The Enlightenment Series

In this series, the focus is not only on placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God but understanding true spirituality that leads to awakening from the dream, as I teach you what God has taught me through right-minded thinking. You see, to be enlightened is to find the right mind of peace and love, where there are no shadows of sin, guilt, and fear to weigh you down. This allows you to extend love outward and is what precedes spiritual awakening.

The Masters of Ego Thinking
ACIM True Healing


Self-Love With Truforgiveness
Having & Being



True Enlightenment

True enlightenment is to undo the ego-mind of judgment and attack to find the right mind that knows and does not perceive. The story of the separate self is not your truth, thus, it must be truly forgiven to find the Self hidden within that is perfect, peaceful and powerful.

The Treasure Map is a gift of grace granted by God that undoes the past in the present to release the future from suffering. She will guide you to this right mind that will offer all you need to know via revelation and not ego interpretation.

"If you have found yourself looking at doing this course (The Gifts of Truforgiveness) then jump in, have FAITH in yourself and the course. You will see miracles truly do happen."
- Ginny P