How to Find Your True Self


In this downloadable eBook, learn the process of FAITH that takes you from the belief in the separate self of ego-identification to the truth of the Oneness of Perfect Love, that is who you are in truth. 


"I liked its simplicity. It did not preach. It merely said what needed to be said.
I will follow her advice carefully."
Lynette G.

Every problem or pain you face can be traced back to the belief you are separate from Source and it is the process of FAITH, Forgiveness - Authenticity - Introspection - Trust - Honesty, that guides the way. You see, Forgiveness, as the ego defines, keeps the belief in separation as being true, for it makes one a saint and another a sinner. The process of FAITH, on the other hand, will guide you deep within to undo the entire shadow of the sin of separation that has been cast outwards, that distorts the truth of the Perfect Love that the innocent mind witness. It moves you from wrong-minded thinking, which is judgment and attack to right-minded thinking, which is peace and love. 

Learn what the real meaning of FAITH is and how it will guide you to your True Self, the One that is still as God created: perfect, peaceful, and powerful. But it has nothing to do with the ego-self of specialness, for Perfect Love is found in sameness, the wholeness of holiness that leads you from the nightmare to the happy dream that precedes spiritual awakening. This is true healing, undoing ego fear to remember love. By correcting your thinking, it changes the script in time you were set to face, for what is within projects outwards. 

If you are ready for miracles and eager to learn the true way to forgive, which is called 'forgiving within', then wait no more. Dive into this 10,000 word eBook that is certain to enlighten and guide you to give up the punishment of guilt to know the goodness of grace that is waiting to be remembered. 

For those of you that are familiar with A Course in Miracles, this is the type of Forgiveness that the Course is referring to, as it will guide you to find and truly forgive the belief in separation, which is hidden within the subconscious mind. It will also help you to understand the Course via revelation and not ego interpretation, when you begin to draw up your treasure maps yourself, by mentally diving deep within the subconscious mind to find your true Self that sleeps, dreaming of death in duality.


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