Journal to Wholeness & Happiness


In this downloadable giftbook be welcomed into The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.

"The Treasure Map has been such a powerful journaling tool of Truforgiveness. It has been guiding me, and helping me dissolve one grievance at a time, and allowing me to connect more deeply with my true essence."

- Cynthia Mendez

You will receive a 22-page journal that will offer you the following:

✔️ Your Gains (what you will receive from drawing up your treasure maps and why you need to do it).

✔️ Know the true way to forgive that is mentioned in A Course in Miracles, for you must withdraw the entire shadow of sin that has been cast outwards from the choice to be separate from Source. This is how those miracles are made!

✔️ Understand the mind-correction that is The Treasure Map. Originally taught as a journaling method, but when you become familiar with the purpose of Truforgiveness, the process of FAITH and the practice of the 'I Forgive' principle, it will become your map to miracles to undo pain, return you to peace and change the script in time you were set to experience. After a while, it becomes an automatic mind-correction whenever peace has been lost. 

✔️ The choice for separation is hidden in the subconscious mind and this is the true cause of every problem that you face. When you find and truly forgive here, miracles are made! And true healing by The Treasure Map is granted.

✔️ Learn about The Gifts of Truforgiveness that it wills to offer as you swap guilt for grace, fear for love, and lack for abundance, by undoing the ego fear to return your thinking to right-mindedness (peace and love). 

"You will see miracles truly do happen when you do this course."

- Ginny Papas

 After you read through the journal, you will have the chance to draw up your first treasure map to learn the true way to correct your thinking from fear to love and to change the script in time you were set to experience. 

"It's about facing the lies we tell ourselves. The lies that make us do hurtful things to ourselves and to others. The lies about us being undeserving of love, that love doesn't really exist for us. If we can bare to face that, we find a way of being in this world that emanates healing to others. If we can all live that way collectively, well, what a wonderful world it could be

- Noora K

This is your introduction to your map to miracles and will welcome you into the correct way to forgive, the way God would have you know it. Get the downloadable journal that will teach you the way that God (Perfect Love) has taught me to truly forgive that makes your impossible dream possible.

"I think The Treasure Map that Tash has created is brilliant and really gets you to dive deep and understand so much about oneself and how one interacts with the world."
- Sharon Downs

Please note: The work of The Treasure Map is spiritual in nature and universal in love. It recognizes that sameness is true, not separateness. So you can come from all religions or from none, simply interchange the terminology to what sits well with you. When I refer to God, I am referring to the Father of the Oneness of Perfect Love. If I refer to Jesus, I am referencing the man that truly forgave to find the freedom we all seek: the remembrance of our perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 



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