The Having Five-Day Challenge


Welcome to your five-day challenge! Learn the practical application of the process of FAITH, digging with the 'I Forgive' principle to place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God which comprises The Treasure Map and makes miracles happen!

Having & being are never separate.
The miracle of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle will teach you this.
As you be more, you shall have more. 

This is the type of Forgiveness that was spoken of in A Course in Miracles but was not explained how to do. This is the way miracles are made and your thoughts corrected from fear to love, by the time you complete your treasure map. It is The Treasure Map that will explain how having & being are never separate, a core component of the principles of ACIM.

By correcting what you are being, it changes what you have, for what is within is seen without. For example, if you have a deceitful partner, you must look within and undo the deceit that you have covered up - which is always some aspect of the belief you are sinful of separating from God. By finding the truth of innocence this allows the extension of love to be known and you will swap the deceitful partner for one that is delightful indeed. Because you have undone the guilt within your mind that looks for ways to punish you. Remember, your story in time stems from what you think within, so clean it up to change the experience without.

Note: You must clean up all the shadows to move on from the lesson, so do not quit too soon. Every treasure map that you place upon the altar to God waits for you until you are willing to receive the lightness of love. This means that you are ready to stop punishing yourself and accept the goodness that the innocent Mind dreams of. 

In this 5-Day challenge, you will not only get to correct what you are being - which will change what you have - but you shall learn the way to miraculously manifest, by removing every barrier to the awareness of love's presence.

I will introduce to you your true affirmation that can be found in the right mind. You see, when you repeat positive affirmations, you make true the separate self of ego-identification, which is the true cause of every lack you experience in the world of form. 

Let The Treasure Map guide you to your right mind that will offer you your true affirmation to repeat that makes things delightful instead of dark. You might repeat a positive affirmation such as, "I have money," and you might receive this. But with the hidden guilt within, that seeks the ways of suffering, you get your money but the shadow then appears and it might be bankruptcy. 

Remove the shadows from where they project (the split-mind) and you shall enjoy the extension of Perfect Love that the innocent Mind offers. By finding your true affirmation of 'I love being happy with having my money,' you are working upon the extension of love and not fear. However, you must allow The Treasure Map to undo the entire shadow to clear the pathway to the goodness you seek. This will be explained inside the challenge and you will then discover this via revelation when you complete your giftbooks. It is through the practical application of 'forgiving within' that miracles are made, which is what Truforgiveness is. 

What is a treasure map giftbook?

A treasure map giftbook comprises a series of 30-questions to take you deep into the subconscious mind - to ensure you remove the entire shadow of suffering that has been cast outwards from the misperception that you are separate from Source. Each giftbook will take you approximately 90-minutes to complete, so with 5-days ahead of you, you will have around 7.5 + hours of forgiving within. And, if you complete the review, you can make this 9+ hours to miraculously manifest, as you discover your true affirmation to repeat. 

I will teach you how to remove every barrier to the awareness of love's presence within.
It is up to you to do the practical application.

"The Five-Day Challenge is exceptional as you examine deeper beliefs and thoughts which affect your life. It can be repeated many times, giving more and more access to these even deeper thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. That is a great feature of the Challenge. It can reflect back to the student their commitment to spiritual growth by their level of engagement with the material, which in turn is greatly rewarding in all aspects of living, making commitment a key element in 'Tru'character building." - Ron Sherwood

One and a half hours a day and you will love the results. Your belief system will have corrected by the time you finish these five days of practical application and you will receive true healing: the mind-correction from fear to love. This changes the projection in the illusion of time. Become great at miraculously manifesting as you live your dream life instead of your nightmare and be introduced to your true affirmation that is found in Oneness, not separateness. Where you know the affirmation is true, for you are planting it in the truth of love and not fear. 

It is the shadow from the sin of separation that offers you every lack, limitation, and lovelessness you experience in the dream of time. Here, you will have your chance to undo it and become miracle-minded, by finding the right mind and the loving thoughts you share with God.  

What will you begin to manifest? What is calling to you from within? Undo the blocks to the awareness of love's presence and miracles are made. I have had this happen to myself, as well as the students that I teach.  Are you ready to become free from fear and manifest that which has been hidden within? ❤️

You will be asked to look upon your buried pain, truly forgive it to become free from it. The journey within may be unpleasant at times, for you are asked to confront the darkness you have made. But it will be totally worth it upon completion, as those limiting beliefs will have moved from wrong-minded thinking to right-mindedness, which will allow you to miraculously manifest the way that God has taught me. 

It includes:
✔️ 50 minutes of video (including transcripts)

✔️ Discover the true affirmations that will teach you that having & being is correlated and assist to deliver to you your dreams that are light and loving, not painful and punishing

✔️ 5 x treasure map giftbooks:

- Day 1: Treasure Map 1 
- Day 2: Treasure Map 2 
- Day 3: Treasure Map 3 
- Day 4: Treasure Map 4
- Day 5: Treasure Map 5

✔️ Bonus giftbook for those that complete a review.

Note: There can be a delay with this miraculous manifesting, for you are changing the cause which can take some time for the projection in the world of form to correct. However, it will not be wasted, when the time is right the miracle is seen.

Do not be content with positive affirmations, for there is a deeper discovery set to free you from fear and allow you to build in wholeness that knows not of lack, limitation, and loveliness. 



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