The Lovely Treasure Hunt


Welcome to your online email course in removing those shadows that keep love away from you. 

Over the next month or so, you will receive twelve (12) emails to take you through The Lovely Treasure Hunt. 

Each hunt includes ten treasure maps, to ensure you remove as many shadows of the sin of separation that calls forth the punishment you experience in the dream of time. With ten giftbooks to complete, you will certainly change the ego script you were set to face around love.

The course will see you diving deep, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to remove those shadows of sin that seek suffering. You will be expected to complete one giftbook every three days.

However, if this pace is too fast for you, please listen to the inner voice within that will guide you.

The journey within may be difficult, but it will be totally worth it upon completion, as those limiting beliefs will have moved from wrong-minded thinking to right-mindedness, which will allow you to see the truth of love that is here for the innocent mind.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

"I loved it more than I can describe. It guided me and let me explore my truth and provided healing and insights I didn’t know I needed."   - Barchi Fojkar


"The map is beautiful as it is. I was dealing with a particular situation regarding unrequited love and I plunged into this map while trying to heal that, and also while on the most beautiful holiday I’ve ever had. And it was deep and intense, and healed me at a core level. From a place of self power we’re I was able to let go of someone I love so much, and to let them go with love and grace."   - Private

It includes: 

Day 0  -  Email 1  - Addiction Giftbook 

All addiction represents a lack of love. Do not limit addiction to drugs & alcohol or food & sex. You might be addicted to dysfunctional relationships or a partner from the past you cannot move on from. 

Day 3  -  Email 2  - Hunger Giftbook 

What are you hungry for? What needs within are not being met? When you remove the veil of guilt that covers the truth of Perfect Love within, you come to see that you need nothing for you are whole in love. 

Day 6  -  Email 3  - Lost Love Giftbook 

Was there someone that you have loved but have lost in some manner? Remember, they are not the body, but the being of Perfect Love. Deep within you is the connection to All and it teaches you that no act of love can ever be wasted. 

Day 9  -  Email 4  - Hatred Giftbook 

Where have you hidden your hate for another? Just because you have buried it, does not mean it has gone. You drag this around with you, which distorts the truth of love that is here for the innocent Mind. 

Day 12 - Email 5  - Mistake Giftbook

When you come to see that it was a mistake to be truly forgiven, not a sin to be punished, you let go of the guilt within that seeks for ways to hurt you. Give up guilt to know grace and welcome love into your life. 

Day 15 - Email 6  - Judgment & Attack Giftbook

Who have you judged harshly? Was it another or yourself? Judgment and attack is a choice for the ego, but when you undo this, by placing your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, miracles happen.

Day 18 - Email 7  - Love & Support Giftbook

It is time for you to know love and support and when you find it within, you will see it without. For what is within is projected outwards. This is why Truforgiveness is miraculous, as it cleans up the shadows that are in your own mind. 

Day 21 - Email 8  - Perfect Love Giftbook

You are the being of Perfect Love, not the body born to die. The more right-minded that you become, the happier the dream in time you shall experience. 

Day 24 - Email 9  - Trust Giftbook

This is the foundation upon which Perfect Love is experienced. It has nothing to do with the body and the special love the ego offers. If you do not have trust, you have nothing. Trust the voice within and you will know love. 

Day 27 - Email 10 - Wholeness Giftbook

The ego teaches that you are part and you must search for your other half, another lie the ego spins. You are the wholeness of holiness, Perfect Love that is buried deep within, underneath the layers of guilt you run from. 

Day 30 - Email 11 - Congratulations ⭐️

Day 40 - Email 12 - BONUS Giftbook for those that complete a review/testimonial for this course : The Friendship Treasure Map

The Mentorship Program

For those that want more than the course alone, there is The Mentorship Program. In this, you will receive the email course, plus bonus content, and a 1:1 Truforgiveness Therapy session with me via video conferencing. This session lasts for 60-minutes and together, we will be 'forgiving within'. I will find where the choice for separation has been hidden in the subconscious mind & will forgive on your behalf here. For more information on a 1:1 session, you can find the details below.

Truforgiveness Therapy sessions



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