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To be helped is to reclaim your wholeness that is free from guilt

It is the guilt of sin and separation that conceals your light. Spend time each day truly forgiving the darkness until only love remain.



Abundance belongs to the light and loving lessons in time that know wholeness, holiness and happiness.



Be Kind To Yourself

To be kind to yourself is to remove the shadows of separation that conceal your light.




You must become determined to escape the thought system of suffering to reclaim the Thoughts You share with God.




To be truly grateful is to escape the shadows of sin to be saved by the light of the right mind.




Your true happiness belongs to the right mind of Perfect Love that seeks to witness kindness and not cruelty.




True peace belongs to the right mind of Perfect Love, that is free from guilt it knows grace.


T-20.VII.4. "It is impossible to see your brother as sinless and yet to look upon him as a body. 2 Is this not perfectly consistent with the goal of holiness? 3 For holiness is merely the result of letting the effects of sin be lifted, so what was always true is recognized. 4 To see a sinless body is impossible, for holiness is positive and the body is merely neutral. 5 It is not sinful, but neither is it sinless. 6 As nothing, which it is, the body cannot meaningfully be invested with attributes of Christ or of the ego. 7 Either must be an error, for both would place the attributes where they cannot be. 8 And both must be undone for purposes of truth."

Sin belongs to the wrong mind of ego thinking, that teaches you are the body born to die, not the being of Perfect Love that must wake from the dream of death in duality. Thus, if you see your brother from the wrong mind of judgment and attack, then you will project the belief in separation. Thus, you cannot see him as sinless, for sinless belongs to the right mind of Perfect Love. To have a goal of holiness refers to becoming determined and dedicated to continue to 'forgive within' to change your thinking from the wrong mind to the right. You must be forgiving within, with the FAITH of God, going deeper down, for the right mind has been hidden in the lower gut. And to be holy is to be whole. 

need to keep going....



To attract is to remove the barriers that keep the belief in separation as being a truth to you.


You decide what you shall experience based upon the mind you make your own.


To be awesome is to be released from the shadows of separation that keep you playing small.

Truforgiveness Teaching
The Treasure Map leads to happiness!

The amount of happiness The Treasure Map grants is simply amazing. You see, she will guide you through the darkness of ego thinking to the right mind of peace and love that offers safety & security, health & wealth, goodness & grace, and wholeness & holiness. As you remember your true Self. 

You would have often heard spiritual teachers telling you that happiness is within. Well, it sure is! And by following the process of FAITH, digging with the 'I Forgive' principle to place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God you will find a happiness you could not have imagined. By taking you out of ego thinking, the true cause of the unhappiness you experience in the dream of time, miracles are made as you remember your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. 

You must keep on 'forgiving within' until you find the happiness you seek. Do not get caught up in the darkness or stop too soon. The truth of happiness is revealed when you have undone the shadows that were in your mind, for it is this darkness that conceals the truth of light (Perfect Love).

Finally, you must take accountability for your true healing journey. If it is not within you, you will not find it and be asked to truly forgive. If things get too heavy for you, mentally continue to 'forgive within' as this will assist you to move through the darkness of your mind sooner. Alternatively, if the shifts begin to frighten you, keep on reminding yourself that all you have done was to 'forgive within,' which is a tool that can never be used to harm, for it is God's map to miracles.

You will get through the shadows that you have made. If I can do it, you can as well. No, it was not easy, but I just kept on cleaning a little more each day and no matter what happened, I truly forgave it all. This is why I have experienced a transformation I could never have envisioned.

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