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The Treasure Map eBook

Do not allow the ego-self of littleness, lack, and lovelessness to deceive you any longer. You are perfect, peaceful and powerful, but it is found deep within the subconscious mind, underneath the pain you protect.

Discover the true meaning of FAITH that God has granted, for if followed correctly it not only teaches the true way to forgive, which is called Truforgiveness, but leads you from the ego-mind of judgment and attack to the right mind of peace and love. It is here you will find your true Self. Not the one you have made, but the One that God created. The Treasure Map is how you purify your thinking from fear to love and makes miracles happen. 


"Learn how to truly heal and to know the true teachings of Jesus and not the way the ego has interpreted them!"

What You Will Get:

  • A 90+ page downloadable ebook that will teach you how to mentally dig within to find your true Self that offers the happiness you seek to know. Also includes illustrations for deeper meaning. As well as revelations to what Jesus truly meant with those famous passages in the bible.
  • Understand the real meaning of FAITH and how it takes you back to God to the place you have never left. Please note that this work is spiritual-psychology. You can come from all religions or from none, for it teaches love is universal. God refers to the truth of Oneness.
  • Includes The Healing Today Treasure Map Giftbook. This is your practical application to journal your treasure map. Please allow 90-minutes to complete this.
  • For students of ACIM, this will help you to comprehend the mind-correction that the Course speaks of and how FAITH leads to true healing, as discussed in Chapter 19 of the text. 
  • BONUS Mini-Course: This gift with purchase reveals the true meaning of FAITH, a video demonstrating how to draw up your treasure map, offers true teachings about the Course, as well as two treasure map giftbooks and a treasure map meditation to complete. Around 4-hours of practical application.
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Please Note:

  • Upon successful purchase you will be emailed all you need. 
  • Results will vary when undertaking the practical application. I am not a doctor, but it is the process of FAITH that I utilized to truly heal.
  • By following The Treasure Map you will come to know the Course via revelation and not ego interpretation.
  • Finally, as this is a digital download product, there is a no refund policy on purchase.

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What People Are Saying:

I liked its simplicity. It did not preach. It merely said what needed to be said. I will follow her advice carefully.

Lynette G ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️