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The true cause of every lack you face, even with money, can be traced back to the belief in separation when you went from being everything to nothing in the dream of time. The more of the truth of Perfect Love you extend outwards, the more of the goodness of grace you shall know. 

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The Credit Crunch Treasure Map
Credit Crunch


The How To Make Money Treasure Map
How To Make Money


The Making Money Treasure Map
Making Money


The Money Mess Treasure Map
Money Mess


The Money Stress Treasure Map
Money Stress


The Money Worthiness Treasure Map
Money Worthiness


The 3 Making Wealth Treasure Maps

The 3 Making Wealth Treasure Maps


The 3 Making Wealth Treasure Maps

The 5 Income Treasure Maps 



The True Wealth...

Before money manifests on the level of form, you must find the truth of wholeness within, where there can be no trace of the belief in lack, limitation, or lovelessness. However, when you discover this you come to see that it is the fullness of Perfect Love within that is wealthy indeed. For no longer will you experience lack on the level of form, even if you do not have money. This thinking is so foreign to the ego-mind. 

It is simply incredible as it teaches you that it is not what happens to the body or the events of form that count, but what is happening within the mind. Find the truth of wholeness within, where the right mind can be found and you will never experience another day of lack again. 

In the years that it took me to build this site, prior to the official launch, this was what I was facing. I was spending all my time building and not bringing in money, yet I did not ever feel a trace of lack, even though it seemed so on the level of form. It was to be a fundamental gift to my true healing. Once again I was understanding, it is never outside of you that matters, but rather what is happening within. 

Finally, all results will vary and I cannot guarantee where your true healing will take place. Each gift granted is at the discretion of The Treasure Map, so please be grateful for the shifts that do occur and be patient when waiting on the things your ego thinks you need!