The Health Giftbooks

There are no accidents in salvation. There is a reason that you are moving through what you seem to suffer by, yet it is part of the deep call within that the guilty mind has made up. Chip away at the darkness within to reveal the truth of light & miracles will be made. How these look will be at the discretion of The Treasure Map.

The Journaling

The Stressed Treasure Map


The Anxious Treasure Map


The Depressed Treasure Map


The Healthy Treasure Map


The Healthy Immune Treasure Map
Healthy Immune 


The Herpes & Cold Sores Treasure Map
Herpes & Cold Sore


The Panicked Treasure Map


The Rash Treasure Map


The Warts Treasure Map


The Viral Treasure Map


The Warts Treasure Map



Medical Disclaimer

I am not a doctor and I cannot guarantee the results that you shall receive. However, it is by the miracle of The Treasure Map that I truly healed my mind, which then offered healing to the body. By giving up the guilt within I allowed the truth of grace to be known. I do not suggest that you do The Treasure Map once and then that is it. You continue to mentally clean within, where the issue lay until guilt has been given up and peace been made welcome. Where you have peace, you will stop seeking ways to harm yourself.

For example, if you have a sexually transmitted disease, it is not because of bad luck. It is because this is where you have hidden the guilt of the sin of separation. Begin to mentally chip away at it, with Truforgiveness, and slowly and surely over time, the darkness you see within will be replaced with love. Self-love. You will come to see that you are not the illness or the disease, you are the being of Perfect Love confused in who they are. True healing is of the mind, not the body. However, when you heal the mind, it can positively affect the body.

You need the dark shadows to show you where the light has been hidden. It is the way to your true Self - your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. You must look upon the darkness, truly forgive it to become free from it. This is how I have made miracles myself. I stopped identifying with the story of the separate self and continued to 'forgive within' each day and as the years moved ahead, I became the butterfly that was freed from the prison of fear and able to fly with love 🦋  

Whatever comes to pain or punish you is what you are asked to truly forgive that day.
This is how miracles are made. This is how you change your mind!