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To be helped is to reclaim your wholeness that is free from guilt

It is the guilt of sin and separation that conceals your light. Spend time each day truly forgiving the darkness until only love remain.


Lovely Friends

When you stop hating yourself and instead extend your light, you will know kind friends not cruel ones.

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Nice Neighbors

You must withdraw the shadows of separation between your neighbors and yourself, until only love remain.

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Finding Soulmate

In truth we are the same, but in time we have those that fit perfectly with the lessons we need complete.

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Healing Heartbreak

When heartbreak surfaces you must learn to truly forgive this pain to find the peace of Perfect Love within.

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Friendship Foe

If you do not have true friends, then you must begin to truly forgive the friendship foes that surround you.

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Bad People

When you escape the shadow of bad you will extend the light to know good people instead.

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Choosing Your Parents

You choose your parents based upon the lessons you need learn and the love you share.

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God Is The Parent

Your true parent is God, for He created your being by extending the truth of His Perfect Love.

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Social Phobia

If you struggle socially, you need to stop judging yourself and start to truly forgive to find the right guidance of love within.

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True Family

ACIM T-1.V.4. "Ultimately, every member of the family of God must return. 2 The miracle calls him to return because it blesses and honors him, even though he may be absent in spirit. 3 "God is not mocked" is not a warning but a reassurance. 4 God would be mocked if any of His creations lacked holiness. 5 The creation is whole, and the mark of wholeness is holiness. 6 Miracles are affirmations of Sonship, which is a state of completion and abundance."

Everything in time belongs to the family of God - being not body. For there is only One Mind that dreams that death in duality is true. Everything here is you, from the place of sameness. This means that each spark of divinity must be purified from the wrong mind to the right. 

Remember, the miracle is the mind-correction from fear to love, from the wrong mind to the right. And it blesses and honors for it takes you from false perception to true. Where you change your awareness from form to spirit. 

"God is not mocked" means that nothing has happened. The world of form is the dream you must wake from not be defined by. God only creates in perfection, which refers to wholeness and holiness, where the shadows of sin and separation do not hold true. 

Creation has nothing to do with time, but eternity. To know truth you must first escape the wrong mind to find the right mind of wholeness and holiness. To find the right mind you follow the FAITH of God, as you mentally tap on each layer in the subconscious with the 'I Forgive' principle. This is where your true and positive affirmation can be found. In the right mind that knows completion not competition.

Seek not to consciously control your thinking with fake positivity that is filled with hidden hate and secret sin. Instead seek to purify what you think from dark to light, and you will find your true family and friends. The One of Perfect Love. The right mind of revelation.


Seek not 


True hap


Holiness relates to wholeness. To

Truforgiveness Teaching
The Two Minds

Your true family belongs to the light of Perfect Love that knows being not body. It is time to undo the belief in separation from Source, that teaches we are the body born to die and not the being that needs to wake. When you change your awareness to the right mind truth will be granted via revelation, which is not open to ego interpretation.

From the right mind love is extended. You will begin to find yourself being overshadowed by those in their wrong mind, that seek to din your light. You continue to truly forgive these projections, until you find your escape from the people that say you are family. But those asleep, lost in ego thinking, will not be your true family. For they continue to project darkness instead of extending light.

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