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You are responsible for cleaning up the darkness within that you see without. So dissolve the fear to find love and as you purify what you think within the world without will correct before your sight.

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What is Grief

a course in miracles grief true healing Dec 12, 2022
Grief to Grace with Truforgiveness

Grief is loss. And loss is the idea that you are no longer whole. That you are separate from that which you believe you need to complete you.

True completion belongs to the right mind that knows wholeness and to where The Treasure Map takes you.

For those of you that follow my posts, you would be aware that four (4) months ago my dad farewelled this world, as his lessons were complete. It was not for him to partake in the next set of earthly lessons that were to be undertaken. So, he is now outside of the bubble of the life of form, the dream of separation, waiting until it is his time to return to continue to undo fear to find love, Perfect Love.

I am currently in the deep of the darkness. I am cleaning out his man cave. Memories surface as I make new that which he loved and adored... his tools!

I would say that there has been a depression that has arisen from within. It was a long time ago that I felt such heaviness. I miss him. Even though the right mind knows that we are One, the part of my ego-mind that still operates here has lost her best friend... her security blanket.

I am gently leaning into the grief, the belief that I have lost something. To truly forgive the pain as it presents. I have had days when I thought the darkness would not stop, when it was hard to keep breathing. I am sitting inside this suffering storm and truly forgiving it all. Knowing that this is the way that I undo the ego-mind to be the right mind that presents the happy dream in time.

And so, how do I lean into the pain to find the peace. I clean up what is within that covers the light.

I will give you an example of a treasure map of how to move through grief to know grace.

'I forgive this depression. I forgive being depressed. I forgive myself for consuming depression. I forgive myself for being sad. I forgive this sadness. I forgive this loss. I forgive myself for loosing my dad. I forgive my dad for leaving me. I forgive my dad for leaving me. I forgive wanting to tell my dad to stay. I forgive myself for holding onto my dad and not letting him go. I forgive myself for holding onto my dad and not letting him leave. I forgive being ungrateful for my dad. I forgive the ungratefulness for my dad. I forgive my dad for not knowing how grateful I am. I forgive my dad for not knowing how grateful I am. I forgive being grateful for my dad. I forgive feeling happy with my dad. I forgive being happy knowing that my dad is safe and sound. I forgive being happy knowing that my dad is out of pain. I forgive being grateful that my dad is happy. I forgive wanting my dad to be happy. I forgive needing my dad to be happy and healthy. I forgive the body of my dad for breaking. I forgive my dad's body for breaking. I forgive knowing my dad is not the body. I forgive knowing my dad is not the body. I forgive knowing my dad is not the body. I forgive knowing my dad did not die. I forgive knowing my dad is still alive. I forgive knowing my dad is love. I forgive the need to know my dad is love. I forgive myself for knowing my dad is love.'

As you can see I have moved through the darkness and depression to locate the truth of love and light within. My negative thought has been purified. I have moved from perception to knowledge and by correcting what I think within it changes the story that I must move through. For I have removed the veil of guilt that is projected outward. And this is what you must do as well... if you too want to move from grief to grace.

This is how you purify your thinking and find the true and positive affirmations. The true and positive affirmation here would be ''My dad is love and he did not die for he is being not body.'

You do not do one treasure map and leave things at that. You continue to come back to it, scrubbing clean the idea you are no longer whole to reclaim the truth of Perfect Love that is your true identity.

It becomes clear then. I am currently in a Truforgiveness cleaning phase. I am undoing more of the ego-mind to reveal more of the right mind, which will allow me to teach the true spirituality that is revealed by The Treasure Map, which is God's true healing tool in time.

If you are after miracles then lean gently into The Treasure Map, for she will purify what you think deep within and change your story from suffering to salvation. One Truforgiveness opportunity at a time.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.

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