True Vision versus False Vision: How To See The Holiness of Perfect Love

For those that have not begun to awaken, what they see with their seeming eyesight they take as being true. Yet, truth is not of separateness but rather sameness. And this has nothing to do with bodily-identification, for the body is not your home.

You see, buried deep within you, is the true sight that you seek. But you must remove the barriers to the awareness of love's presence within to find this. Hidden deep within you is the remembrance of Perfect Love. To say I was shocked when I found this, was an understatement. All of those years that I suffered greatly were to no avail, except to continue to punish me, for the belief, I separated from Source.

Many of us know this theoretically, that the true cause of every problem we face is the choice to be separate instead of whole, but have you been offered a way to undo this belief to find the truth of the Oneness of Perfect Love within you? The ego is quite ingenious at ensuring you do not mentally dig deep enough to find it.

You see, it is buried within the subconscious mind. The choice to be separate is hidden here and when you truly forgive it, miracles happen!

This is what you find when you do stumble upon the truth of Perfect Love. Suddenly, those images of separation that you once believed to be true begin to dissolve and you can witness the blanket of beauty that is the wholeness of holiness, here right now. God is not in a faraway place, for this world is made in the Sleeping Son's Mind. But even whilst you seem to be in the body, you can see the truth of the Oneness of Perfect Love that the guilt of sin covers.

Many years ago now, I was walking through a park, when I suddenly received a message from God. The evening prior I had challenged him from the deepest part of who I am, well, the true part. With tears running down my face, as my days rolled into years and the suffering I was dealing with simply would not ease up, I mentally screamed to Him. With as much power as I could muster from deep within I shouted, "God, Do you know who I am?" Over and over again, I could feel this energy moving through me. My ego-mind was questioning what was happening, for it was at this time I was learning about the true Self and the fake self of ego-identification. How there are two-selves as you move through the awakening process.

But as this true Self that was beginning to stir from the dream challenged the depths of suffering that I was enduring, my ego-mind was answering, 'I don't know who I am.' It was a strange experience, and not that God was ever to blame for the suffering I was experiencing, but I was about to be answered by Him. As I mentioned, the following day, as I walked our greyhounds quite close to where I was living, suddenly the images of separation begun to disappear. No longer was the belief in separation a reality, for painted behind these images was the truth of the Oneness of Perfect Love. This blanket of beauty that was everywhere suddenly started to vibrate a message to me. There was no voice, but it was clearer than when I heard anybody speak. God was answering, from my challenge the evening prior.

"You are a spiritual teacher. You are a spiritual teacher. You are a spiritual teacher."

As I mentioned, there was no audible voice, but the communication was extremely clear and this Oneness vibrated the message to Perfect Love to me. It was at this moment that I could see clearly. Truth was not of the illusion of duality. There was no death, for the body is not real. But whilst we cherish specialness and the grubby offerings that the ego delivers, we will not see honestly. For true sight comes from the Oneness of Perfect Love that is the backdrop to this dream in duality. It was in these years that the workings of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the 'I Forgive' Principle were coming together. It would become a map to miracles as it undid fear allowing the student to find the truth of Perfect Love that is hidden deep within them. By removing this veil of guilt, suddenly sight is corrected. For the true cause is found in the mind, which is what The Treasure Map delivers. Do not believe what the ego shows you, for the picture is painted by the thoughts you think within and they all stem from some aspect that you believe you are sinful of separating from God.

If you are wanting to have true vision, you must learn to undo the ego-self to find the true Self that is perfect, peaceful and powerful within. You see, you have a right mind, but it is buried deep within the subconscious. Allow The Treasure Map to undo your fear and offer you true vision, the Oneness of Perfect Love. For anything less than this is unworthy of who you are in truth. 

It is The Treasure Map that corrected my vision, moving me from wrong-mindedness to right-minded thinking. Suddenly, as the veil of guilt was lifted from my mind, I could see the truth of innocence that was hidden deep within. This then gets extended outwards and my picture in the dream of time has become loving and peaceful. 

If you are ready to build upon the rock of Perfect Love, then you need to learn about The Treasure Map and how it will save you from suffering, one Truforgiveness opportunity at a time. 

If you are interested in finding a true way out of your problems and into peace, purchase the eBook, How to Find Your True Self and you can get started. Included in this is a discount code off your 7-day introduction course if you feel like diving in to undo fear to remember love, Perfect Love. 

Your map to miracles is here, are you ready to see truly? 

How To Find Your True Self eBook

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

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