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You are responsible for cleaning up the darkness within that you see without. So dissolve the fear to find love and as you purify what you think within the world without will correct before your sight.

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The Terror of Death

death the treasure map truth Jul 25, 2022
The Terror of Death

Death is not the end, it is a transition from one form to another. However, when the darkness within arises it is time to forgive within, to dissolve the guilt of separation that covers the light of truth.

Right now, death has come calling at my door. So deep is this cut that terror has been made known. It is a special love of mine. So meaningful that I once saw this person as God in my life. When I was growing up, just a little girl, I would often look up at him and wonder what God looked like? I decided that God looked exactly like this man. It was a warm thought from deep inside. Of course, as a small child, I was not aware that God does not have form, for He is the truth of Perfect Love, that knows being and not bodily-identification. 

And for the first time in a long time, fear has been made known. As God told me prior to this tsunami of terror, it is time to squeeze out the last bit of darkness within you. This is what I am now doing. As much as I can, I stay in the present moment, practicing The Treasure Map. To find my way back to the right mind of peace, love and wholeness that is hidden within. Where separation does not exist and death cannot be made known.

Death is part of the world of form. We all experience it. Sometimes the crossing is easy and sometimes difficult. This one for me is hard. I have had days where my body shakes in fear, so deep is this wound that even I do not wish to cross. Shock and stress have also arrived. And so, with my nightly dreams telling me to apply the true healing of The Treasure Map, I do. As the minutes tick over I am forgiving within. Seeking where the belief in separation has been hidden inside. It seems I can no longer hold onto his body, for it is falling apart at the seams. Do I believe in miracles? I sure do. Whilst medicine might say it is his time, I do know the power of the map that has been granted by God. And he has a strong will as well. Would I love healing for his body? I so would. But this is not only what I am truly seeking healing for. I am trying to dissolve the belief in separation so that I am no longer a prisoner to the ego-mind of pain, problems, and punishment. If I can successfully undo the belief in separation, then when it comes time for him to lay the body aside, loss will not be known. As the right mind within will reveal the truth of wholeness, where we are One, not two. I am also cleaning up the darkness the guilt of separation has made to decrease the amount of suffering we are moving through, especially him. 

The true cause of every shadow of darkness seen in time projects from this misperception of separation from Source, which is highlighted by the belief in death. We must start to truly forgive death, whether it is a loved one moving through it or ourselves.

With the disintegration of this special relationship, I have found myself back in the ego-mind. I still have the guilt of sin to undo and this is what I am seeing with this lesson in time. I would love to tell you right now that I am sailing through this transition, but I, at times am struggling. I have felt my energy contract, silently saying, 'No, I do not wish to go through this.' Honestly, I want to hold onto this person in my life. He means that much to me. As I cannot control the events of form, I am now on a daily path of Truforgiveness. The terror is thick, but once the darkness within has been undone, nothing will separate me from this man, even when it comes time for him to lay his body aside. Oh, I totally wish to keep him forever, from the ego-mind. But this would keep me bound to the idea of form, and I would not know the truth of wholeness that is here for those that undo fear to find love. As such, I must find him within, in the right mind that knows death is not true. For what God creates as One cannot suffer or be sick.

Right now, the suffering is intense. So, how am I dealing with it? I am constantly, mentally drawing up my treasure map. This is how you truly pray to God. It also undoes the hidden guilt within which is what seeks punishment. I am dissolving the darkness as it is dislodged from within. I thought I had gone far enough not to be back in this lesson of loss. It is clear that I still have remnants of separation to undo. If you are moving through death then start to truly forgive with The Treasure Map when fear finds you. I am that deep right now, I am stuck in terror. I will eventually break through this wall of worry to locate the light of Perfect Love that offers miracles. How will this look? I must wait and see, but whilst I truly forgive with The Treasure Map, true healing will be happening. 

To the man that I have loved the longest and to my first love. You are my everything. Thank you for being in my story of time.

A long time ago God told me that The Treasure Map would heal cancer. I have yet to see this come to fruition, but I am most certainly eager for it to start.

If you are moving through death, for yourself or a loved one, you must find the right mind of peace and love within that keeps you safe from the ego storms of separation, sickness, and suffering. To do this, take your awareness deep into the subconscious and truly forgive each layer of darkness (with the 'I Forgive' principle) until you locate the light hidden deep within. This is how you complete your treasure map that undoes the past in the present to release the future from suffering. As I said, I am currently stuck in terror, so I am truly forgiving this concrete slab until I can find the light inside that will reveal death is not true, for we are whole not part, being not body, and the same not separate. 

You cannot hold onto the body forever, for it is your learning device in time. You can however hold onto the truth of love that connects us forever, and to do this, you must truly forgive every grievance you have, for a grievance is a separating thought of judgment and attack that makes the body your home and not your being. 

I am eager to find the right mind so that this one that I love cannot be stolen from me! This is how you truly heal, by finding the true Source of love within, not that which seems to be without.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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Learn how to truly heal and swap pain for peace, fear for love, stress for safety, and hollowness for happiness. All by giving up guilt to know grace: Perfect Love. As you learn the true way to forgive that has now been granted by God: The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.

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