Salvation Saturday - 15th August 2020



Welcome to Salvation Saturday - 15th August 2020 - where we will join together to place our Truforgiveness upon the altar to God that is within, symbolizing that we will have no other idols of separation before Him. 

The true cause of every pain or problem that we seem to experience can be traced back to some aspect of this misperception that we are sinful of abandoning God/Source/Perfect Love.

How do I know this? I spent many years moving through illness, which is when God taught me to truly heal. 

My own story of suffering and salvation, I detail in The Subsidized Course, True Healing & the Treasure Map, and it was in this near-decade of the dark night that the contents of The Treasure Map were born.

What came to harm was what was used to heal me.

It took me a great deal of time, many years to understand this mind-correction from fear to love and whilst I was dealing with a case of sexual abuse, you can imagine my shock when I finally got to the true cause of my suffering - I believed that I had abused God and this shadow of suffering projected out into the dream in time and it was abuse, sexual this time, that was made. 

This is how the dream in time works. What is thought within is seen without - but it stems from the split-mind that dreams that death in duality is possible. 

Yet, the ego tells you to sit in the effect of form, to make the story of the separate self true, which keeps you bound to lack, loss, and lovelessness. You are not the separate self of ego-identification, you are the being of Perfect Love that must wake to their true Self - perfect, peaceful and powerful. 

Learn to move through the shadows of suffering to find the salvation that you seek. This is true healing when you give up fear to remember love. 

I am here to teach you the true way to heal that God has taught me and it makes miracles happen. By forgiving every barrier to the awareness of love's presence you give up the guilt within that seeks the ways of punishment and return thinking to the right mind of peace and love. As what is within is seen without, by giving up your attack thoughts of judgment, you will give this up on the level of form - which is what is manifesting as coronavirus. 

And so, God has guided me to create Salvation Saturday on the 15th of August, 2020. From all corners of the globe, we shall come together and I will teach you in a prerecorded video how to mentally dig within the dirtiness of the subconscious mind, truly forgiving it all to become free from it. Then, I will gift you with The Coronavirus Treasure Map, which is a set of 30-questions that becomes our True Prayer to God, symbolizing that we will have no idols of separation before Him. Make no mistake, God is not punishing us in the dream of time, our collective guilt of attacking God is what is and it is what is being seen without right now. 

Let me teach you how to draw up your treasure map and then spend around 90-minutes forgiving within and let's see where the miracle will land. It is time to unite and to mentally chip away at this iceberg of guilt that is punishing us now in the dream of time. 

If you would like to be truly helpful and to learn the way that God has taught me to truly forgive, which is called Truforgiveness, then make sure you sign up for this free event. The dig within will not be easy, for you are asked to look at your buried pain, truly forgive it to become free from it. But it is this darkness within that covers the truth of light - Perfect Love. 

Let's come together on Saturday 15th August 2020 to place our idols of separation on the altar to God within and make miracles. As I mentioned, I will teach you how to mentally dig deep within, through the darkness of your mind to uncover the truth of love, Perfect Love. This is how we shall correct the story in time - by undoing the shadows of suffering from where they project.

Change what you think within, by purifying your thinking via the miracle of The Treasure Map and miracles will be made. I cannot guarantee where the miracles will land, as I am not in control of the dream, but true healing will happen, this I know. 

The Treasure Map is God's Forgiveness and it makes miracles. Let's see what we can do together when we unite and stop this divide that corona is catching. 

The ego is spreading corona, but God is spreading Truforgiveness. Let's see who is more powerful!

To sign up for this event, head to the link below:

Truforgiveness Healing: The Coronavirus Treasure Map

I hope to see you on the inside. 

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness, 
Tash xxx

P.S Please share this event and let's make miracles together. 



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