The Happy Dream Is Calling You

Imagine if you had a way to turn pain into peace and fear into love. There is no need to keep imagining, as I do have the pathway that leads from problem to peace, emptiness to wholeness, and separation to sameness: awakening to your perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. There is a way out of mayhem and into miracles and The Truforgiveness Treasure Map® (T3M) shines the way.

I know you are tired of suffering. I am here to truly help you through the darkness to find your light. As you move from hell to Heaven - a state of Perfect Love that allows you to live your happy dream, instead of being punished by your nightmare.

You 'forgive within' and The Treasure Map will correct your perception, change your behavior and alter the events of form you were set to encounter. 



Hi Beautiful!

I am so happy that you have stopped by as I cannot wait to welcome you to your map to miracles that leads out of suffering and into salvation: Perfect Love. It is officially called The Truforgiveness Treasure Map®, but also known as The Treasure Map or T3M.

I was destroyed beyond belief. I did not think that true healing could happen. But it has. However, I have worked tirelessly to change my picture in time that I was facing. It was dark indeed, from a very young age. Yet, I always dreamed of having a career that would see me travel around the world helping people. I often oscillated from being a doctor to a vet, then a nun to the Prime Minister. I had big dreams and I longed to see myself swap the nightmare I was moving through that was filled with terror for the happy dream, that I used to call it.

I pretended to put on a smiley face, for the world to see. Until I became that broken, I could not get back up again. My transformation has surprised even me, but as I mentioned, I have worked day and night to get here.

I found hidden deep within the subconscious mind The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive Principle before the words were granted to me. You see, a long time ago, in the late nineteen nineties when I was first understanding meditation, because of chronic fatigue syndrome I couldn't keep my mind still. Instead, I would be drawn deeper into the subconscious, truly forgiving all that I found. Until, after many, many years of doing this practice, I stumbled upon the belief in separation. And to my joy, behind this misperception of the belief in sin, is the truth of innocence, where Perfect Love can be found. This is how miracles are made and I explain this in the work that I do. 

I have loved God since I was a little girl. Often spending my weekends in the silence of my bedroom looking up at the sky speaking to Him. He visited me in 1982, telling me, "My Precious Child. Please do not be afraid, for one day in your twenties you will understand."

It has proven miraculous that I am here to share this tale, with all I have been through. Yet, the twenties are finally here and my childhood dream to travel the world and to truly heal all, including animals, has arrived. And just as God guided me all those decades ago, the twenties is when my work was to be ready to be launched into consciousness. I have had to wait almost forty years to share the true way that God teaches Forgiveness, which is called Truforgiveness, but this is what I entered the dream this time for.

I am a spiritual teacher and Truforgiveness Healer that has walked the path of hell and found the key that leads to Heaven - Oneness with Perfect Love. I have been granted the true meaning of FAITH, which is the mind-correction from fear to love and leads from the belief in ego-identification to the truth of sameness, which is where God is. It is the 'I Forgive' principle that allows you to dig through the dirtiness of guilt that covers the truth of your holy grace and place your Truforgiveness upon the altar to God, symbolizing that you will have no other idols before Him. The only other idol you could have is the ego, as in every moment you have two choices: separation or sameness. Together, Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle comprise The Treasure Map - the baby that I have birthed into consciousness with God. And she makes miracles happen. I talk about this and the story of separation that led to my own stirrings of awakening in The Subsidized Course, True Healing & The Treasure Map.

I love basking in the truth of Perfect Love, hanging out with my dogs, and doing yoga. I have a passion for working on my life purpose, which is getting the messages of God out into the world, as I work on my own awakening from the dream. As it is time to wake up and become the holy Child of His that we are as One. I eat vegetarian food, love water, and adore peace & quiet. I live in the illusion to assist welcoming the happy dream for all, that eventually leads to spiritual awakening and Oneness with Perfect Love. I idolize God, grateful to my brother Jesus and all those teachers that have paved the way before and look forward to sharing the baby I have birthed into consciousness with you. 

Even though I have been dreaming of The Treasure Map and the work of true healing since I was a child, it has taken twenty years of dedication to release the map to miracles to the world and 13 of these years were spent locked away and hidden from the world as I battled through illness. But, this was my special mission. I was born to do this. 

So, for now, if I could tell you anything, it would be:

We are the same, not different, for what God creates cannot be parted. The world of form is the dream you must awaken from to remember the truth of your innocence: the perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. Come into this map to miracles and learn what a blessing it is to truly forgive, for each offering of Truforgiveness you place upon the altar to God, a little bit of the ego fear is undone.

This is the mind-correction from fear to love and will make miracles for you.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope to see you on the inside, for it is where we are in truth.

Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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About Tash

From a very young age, I held a special spot within for God. My mind never drifting far from Him. For I knew I was His Child, once telling my mother, "Don't tell me what to do, you are not my parent. God is." However, I got lost in a forest of fear, the ego delusion of sin, guilt and fear, which is what eventually lead to my own awakening process. For the intensity of the trauma caused the ego to crack open, whereby I discovered the true Self: the One that is perfect, peaceful and powerful. And a happiness that I never knew existed, which is possible for all.

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Luscious Love

Instead of begging, borrowing, or even stealing, the love you seek is who you are. Not what you need desperately attain. It is within, hidden underneath the darkness the belief in sin has cast outwards. It is where the truth of innocence sits, in the right mind. For you sleep peacefully, comforted in the constant care of luscious love, as you dream you have run away into the forest of fear. And it is The Treasure Map that guides you Home.

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Perfect Peace

The peace you seek sits within. Hidden underneath the grievances you prefer to bury and protect. They will not be gone until they are truly forgiven. The Treasure Map (T3M) is miraculous as it is the pathway to transform your problems into peace. When pain comes to torment you get forgiving within to heal at the cause, which changes the projection of form and awakens you to truth. Reclaim peace by truly forgiving perceived problems. It is that simple. 

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Wholeness Healing

The ego sends you on an external quest blaming another for the source of the pain within. Yet blame is merely the outward projection of what you prefer to disown about yourself. As you 'forgive within', you slowly and gently undo the choice for separation, which is what gave rise to every lack and loss you seem to experience. Awaken to the wholeness of holiness, as you begin to remember your truth as Perfect Love and live your dream life. 

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Miraculous Manifesting

The Treasure Map is certainly a miraculous manifesting tool. When you remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence within, you not only undo your guilt but the call for punishment. It is the guilty who seek pain, for the innocent mind knows it is worthy and deserving of the gifts of God. No one said you could not have fun in the dream before you awaken. For those of you interested in miraculous manifesting, it is The Treasure Hunt you need to find out about.

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Truforgiveness Therapy

In 2018, Truforgiveness Therapy was officially approved as a new healing modality. It is the type of therapy that Helen Schucman wrote about in her supplement, Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process & Practice. It is not here to replace traditional psychotherapy but can be used alongside it, as it undoes the belief in separation which is the true cause of every complaint that you face. It is extremely powerful and not to be incorporated with other alternative subconscious healing modalities.

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Truforgiveness Business

Welcome to Truforgiveness Business, the new way to do business, by removing the barriers to the awareness of love's presence within. Traditionally, you are taught to look outwards and ask your client what they want. To deliver what the ego thinks it needs. This keeps you looking outwards, away from the true cause of the failure you face. However, in this path to perfection, you are undoing the lack of the ego to play on the world stage: in the Oneness of Perfect Love as you change the cause which corrects the effects of form. 

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Get Your FREE Gift Now

Your creative download to what the contents of The Treasure Map are: Truforgiveness, FAITH & the 'I Forgive' Principle.

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Dana S

United States

"Being given the little nudge to be committed and consistent through Natasha’s forgiveness journaling method I unfolded into the deepest layers of forgiveness. Even though at times the ego intensification was overwhelming I ended each step at peace. I highly recommend application of this forgiveness method and will continue unfolding embraced by unconditional love. I am always comforted and feel safe and supported by Natasha’s writing style."

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Claudia D


"This course approaches the idea of Forgiveness in a deep, personal way. Not only did this course teach me about the layers of Forgiveness, but it also taught me about the relationships in my life – with others, myself and most importantly, with God. Natasha has a deep passion and understanding for all things Forgiveness. She is in constant contact with her students throughout the course. I felt very comfortable reaching out to her, asking questions and reflecting upon her answers. I am deeply grateful for the insights gained by taking this course!"

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Dani G


"It’s a miracle I’m alive sitting here on the balcony alone feeling love, peace and happy! Thank you more than I can say 😘😘😘 ❤️❤️❤️ Wishing the best and the opportunity to reach many with your love😘 ❤️ You are saving my life every day. Happy New Year Nat 😘😘 ❤️❤️❤️"

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