True Healing & Miracles

You must learn from the right mind of peace and love that knows and does not perceive. And this is to where The Treasure Map takes you. By digging within the darkness of the subconscious mind you will make miracles your own.

About God

To Know God is to Know the Truth of Perfect Love

You find the truth of God within when you let go of the belief in separation to reclaim the truth of sameness - Perfect Love - that is hidden within. Do not let the ego tell you who or what God is, as the ego knows of separateness not of wholeness or holiness.

More About God
About God

When you find your right mind... You will find God. You cannot know God when you believe you are the separate self of ego-identification. As God comes in the truth of Oneness, Perfect Love.

Fun Facts Text
  • God is found in revelation, not theology

  • Use theology to assist you to find the path of revelation

  • God will reveal Himself when He knows the time is right

About Tash

Hi, I'm Tash. Truforgiveness Healer, Spiritual Teacher & Messenger

I know what it is like to suffer. Yet, I also know what it is like to be saved. You must look upon your darkness within to reclaim the truth of light that has been hidden from your awareness. This is true healing & offers the health & happiness you seek.

More About Tash

It was when I was 8 that God introduced me to the truth of Perfect Love. There is nothing in the world of form that comes close to how valuable this truth of wholeness is.

Fun Facts Text
  • I love God & The Treasure Map

  • I love yoga

  • I love animals

About T3M

The Treasure Map or T3M 

The Treasure Map is a gift from God sent to save us from suffering. Whatever is problematic or pains you is that which you must learn to truly forgive to wipe away the darkness that seeks the ways of punishment.

More About T3M
About T3M

The cave you fear to enter... is where the ego has hidden the treasures you seek to know. The cave is the subconscious mind and hidden deep within here is the right mind of peace and love that leads out of illusions and into reality: awakening. This is why you need The Treasure Map to find the altar to God.

Fun Facts Text
  • I am vigilant for Truforgiveness

  • I am truly forgiving at most times

  • It is this that allows me to rest in peace

God's Therapy

Truforgiveness Therapy

There will come a time when people go to see their Truforgiveness Healer to undo the guilt within that seeks the ways of suffering. A Truforgiveness Healer is tasked with finding and truly forgiving where the choice for separation has been hidden in the subconscious mind.

Let Tash Guide You To God
About Truforgiveness Therapy

Truforgiveness Therapy undoes ego-identification to return you to your right mind of peace and love.

Fun Facts Text
  • Spend time truly forgiving everything

  • What you see without is what you have buried within

  • You must walk through the dark to reclaim the light

About ACIM

Know as A Course in Miracles or ACIM or the Course

ACIM is a self-study spiritual-psychology that teaches a path to inner peace and salvation via Forgiveness. However, it does not explain the true way to 'forgive within' to locate where the ego has hidden the choice for separation, which is what The Treasure Map does.

More About ACIM
About ACIM

Make sure you get yourself a copy of ACIM from the official publishers. Do not seek the Urtext of the Course for it had not been cleaned prior to publishing and is incorrect.

Fun Facts Text
  • The more you clean within the greater the truth you shall know

  • The ego lies so do not buy what it is selling

  • You are the All but this has nothing to do with ego-identification

Teacher Training

Become A Guide for God

Would you love to not only be truly helpful to All, by undoing ego allegiance to assist to return thinking to the right mind of peace and love, but welcome in the happy dream in time as you spend your days truly forgiving? If so, then learn a little more about becoming a Truforgiveness Healer.

Meet Yourself

The cave you fear to where the ego has hidden the treasures you seek to know. Do not fear the darkness that is disturbed within for it becomes your chance to uncover the truth of Perfect Love that has been hidden from your awareness.

Fun Facts Text
  • You have the power to change the world

  • You can do anything you set your right mind to

  • You can be happy if you give up the belief in sin (separation)